Prosperity Brannon for Town Council

Fellow citizens of this most esteemed Port Katherine I am throwing my hat in the running for Town Council and this time I don’t expect any meat to be thrown in. I have been honored to live and fight alongside such honorable and hardworking folks and I am ready and willing to step up to do more.

As the editor of local insert of the Kithiran Herald I have devoted every moment of my time between festivals to building the docks to improve the economy of our fair colony and maintaining our printing press to ensure we always have access to the news, the opportunity to tell our truths no matter what, and to secure funding for the Town Council. I would like to take the next step by running for Town Council in order to continue to be a voice for those without title.

If elected I will do my best to ensure that we continue to grow no matter what threats we may face. That means keeping a constant goal of harmony and fairness in all matters despite the challenges of balancing all our needs and above all else listening.


Brannon has repeatedly proven themselves to be an eager contributor to our towns culture and society. Additionally, her work has given them substantial opportunities to engage with all sectors of our population and acquire intimate knowledge of the populace’s needs and ambitions. I think we should give their candidacy serious consideration for the upcoming election.

-Count Kleis Adalgar Verenberg Hostler von Silberholtz VII