Proposal for the political amateurs

Heard some of us are starting to dabble in politics and might not know where to start. I don’t know about all you, but I don’t feel like my voice alone has enough clout to make a difference, but if some of us band together we might be able to make some real changes and do some real good for a lot of people in our great nation.

Send me a private note if you’re interested. I have a letter writing campaign in mind to get some aid for plague victims and the more folks that want to spend some political capital on it, the merrier.


I’m not very skilled in political works, but let me know if there is any way I can help out! I’ve been thinking about getting a group together to discuss ways we can help guide politics in a more compassionate direction. Maybe you can bring ideas about your letter writing campaign?

-Ffion MacKenna


What a great idea, Lady Ffion. We do have a democracy, after all. It shouldn’t just be nobles involved in politics. Are you thinking some sort of meet-up during festival days?

I’m hoping we can drum up some support for the Unionists to start funding hospitals and plague research instead of just walling off all the affected cities. I feel like it gets posed as a “Unionists vs Progressives” deal but our people are dying and the sickness has spread too far to quarantine.

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Fine citizens of Port Katherine,

I am hoping to bring together a meeting our first night to discuss ways we can bring compassion into our political discussions and goals. All are welcome to gather with me in the tavern around 11 on the 1st of Souls for a productive and positive discussion. While so much of the town wears blue, it is so important to find a place where we can share our ideas and create real change.

-Ffion MacKenna



I am uncertain from your invitation if those of us who “wear blue” are welcome?


You’re welcome to come, though I am decidedly attempting to reach out to the Reformers of town. That said, I’m not looking to divide us along political lines! I do insist, however, that we not spend this meeting squabbling about who is right or who said what or which party is right or wrong. All who wish for a productive and compassionate discourse are welcome.

-Ffion MacKenna

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I would also like to join you Lady MacKenna. While I find loyalty to the crown to be imperative, it is the duty of those in power to understand the needs and concerns of those without, and to ensure that their needs are seen to. While I may disagree with the positions the reformers take, the candor with which they express their needs is invaluable as I conduct my duties to the people.


Count Kleis Adalgar Verenberg-Hostler von Silberholtz VII

I was hoping we could have a bipartisan group. I think wanting more human compassion in politics is not a matter of political alignment.

Thank you for the clarification Ffion.
I may be busy with Town Council matters, but if I am not, I will try to be present.

If you were present at the Society for Compassionate Politics meeting on the Third, could you please reply to this thread? I know Lady Ffion and Ravil were both present.

I’ve found someone with free focus who may be able to help us this month.

I was there, but am mostly committed with my actions before Winter at this point.