Printed flintlock blaster approval

Hi all! I hope everyone is getting very hype for the seasons of hype.

I was hoping that I could arrange safety approval of a CarnyRex 3D printed flintlock blaster sometime this fall (i.e. at one of the two planned in-person events, even though they normally wouldn’t involve weapons) rather than waiting for Spring.

The reason is, I’d actually love to print multiples and sell these blasters to other PKers, but that has to be done in advance and of course I wouldn’t want to put in the time or take people’s money if we didn’t know yet whether we could actually use them at game.

There’s nothing dangerous about them (they push the dart with rubber bands at a normal nerf blaster speed) so I don’t anticipate any problem; the worst you can say about them is that they’re kind of heavy. If that sounds safe to staff without needing to touch one, great; if not, then please let me know how/when I could show one to a staff member for approval. Thanks!


Bring to the one day and we’ll take a look!

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