Preparing for the Queen's Visit

Citizens of Port Katherine!

As you know, her Majesty Queen Katherine II will visiting our colony on the 3rd of Remembrance. As you may have read in the paper, the other islands have put before the queen only the best of what they have to offer. We may be far less established, but we can still show the Queen our pride in Port Katherine and in Kithera and the many innovations we have made here.

The Town Council would like to request your help in decorating the town, particularly the Season’s Edge for the Queen, in the colors of our country. The queen’s representative has kindly suggested that the tables have tablecloths in Kitheran colors and the tables have paper flower arrangements. If feasible, the wall coverings could also be in Kitheran colors. If anyone is interested in assisting or has ideas on further ways to decorate the Season’s Edge or other vital parts of the town, please respond below or reach out to Councilwoman Rukiye Maryam. We are eager to include anyone who wishes to be.

Mx. Duchamp also suggested that a short and straightforward presentation of innovations be put on for the queen. We are looking for a few individuals to present inventions in a safe, short and properly illustrated manner. We have reached out to a few people already, but if you are interested, please comment below or reach out to Councilwoman Annaliese.

Even if none of the above is your cup of tea, we hope you will celebrate by wearing in some fashion the Kitheran colors of gold, dusty blue and white/cream. Councilwoman Isaac will be keeping a careful eye on who wears our colors and you may find that a benefit.

If anyone has any suggestions or concerns regarding the queen’s visit, please reach out to the Town Council. Please note that the Navy will be coordinating security.

Sincerely yours,

Town Councilor Rukiye Maryam Nai’ma bint Maital v’Yasamin v’Jacinta no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira

OOG Note
These are decorations we’d be making/obtaining between now and next game, not something you need to spend a skill on.


I’d be willing to demonstrate the cattle prods invented by the Marius twins in a controlled setting. I will have the electricity to make sure that mine is powered.

–Midshipman Jules Alabaster


I’d be willing to assist with paper flowers. It’s a useful skill I’ve managed to pick up in my years

Mme Verenberg

OOG - I made literal hundreds of paper flowers for my wedding. If you can show me an example of what you want I can spin them outs.


Our original plan of having the Queen witness a match between us and Tiyago as been recommended against. We’re working to assemble a second team to play against us if possible.

Additionally, a reminder that if the changelings arrive for dramatized negotiations, we should bring the Queen over immediately so that she can enjoy the theatrical performance our local method actors have put on based of some texts we found at an archaeological dig. If she pressures us to meet the performers, just grab Cavanaugh, we could probably pass him off as the Raven in a pinch.


I am also more than happy to assist with paper flowers. Paper folding is something of a hobby of mine.


Forgive this momentary lapse in memory, but does anyone what what the Queen’s heraldry is? Does she use a stag or did I pick that out of the aether somewhere?

Also, I believe I have 10 or so blue tablecloth runners and may be able to procure several gold ones, if people believe that would be a nice touch for the visit.

How many tables does the tavern have?

Ten to twelve tables most seasons I think?

If I remember I can count them tomorrow.


If I’m not busy watching an orphan, I’m willing to be on an exhibition pitball team.

Your services would be most appreciated. I’m willing to assist with the Orphan if necessary.

Depending on time, I could probably be convinced to be part of the exhibition pitball team, as well

Good evening, my apologies that I’ve been taking care of all that crops up during the festival at home. Thank you all for your suggestions and offers of assistance!

@JsterJ and @Metaphorphasis Thank you for your offer of assistance. Please make any flowers in the colors of the flag and if you wish, arrange them. Pattern may be whatever you are comfortable with. Variety is good! Kithera is not made of uniform and identical lands and neither need our arrangements be! If you will not be arranging them, then please get them to me by about one week before Remembrance and I will put them into arrangements. We need enough flowers for around 12 arrangements. Anyone else who wishes to assist with this, please don’t hesitate!

@booksomewench Thank you and we shall most certainly take you up on the offer! If it is easy to borrow the gold, that would be excellent. If anyone else has extent blue, gold, or white/cream tablecloths, runners or curtains or indeed any decorative item that may be of use, please let me know!

@Shades and @baniszew, my cousin Tashif is using the match momentum to finally get an Alize team together. I do note that Kleis is also getting things going however, so we shall see what that evolves into. I have entreated one of the queen’s retinue that the match be at noon on the 3rd day of the festival, but naturally a Queen shall dictate the schedule.

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So I have 10 of the blue and 5 of the gold runners ( and respectively). I also have some gold garlands ( and gold foil paper flowers ( to bring as well. Oh! And a gold and blue wall-hanging with deer on it, though that may not arrive from home in time (

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I just ordered 100 sheets of various blue patterns. They should be pretty nice based on the reviews. I’ll be making them into as many different flowers as possible but ikebana is far from my expertise. I plan on bringing just the finished paper product unless you request something else.


Are you stemming them or no? I can do a decent arrangement, and I have all three colors, so I can focus on white and gold if we want each arrangement to have a mix.

I also have some gold foil for accenting, and if we’re feeling particularly fancy I can make some butterflies to accent the arrangements.

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Not stemming as I’m not sure how we want to do that right now. If we had some plans on that I could include.

Edit: most of my paper is darker blue with Galaxy patterns.

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Alternatively, I can focus on larger more modular centerpieces.


If you would like to do larger centerpieces I can do two small stemmed arrangements for each side in small vases. This has the added bonus of us not having to try to match each other at all.


If there’s any interest in it or if it’s helpful for decor, I would love to do 1-3 small-medium paintings for the tavern, if anyone had any suggestions or guidance on what they should be of to celebrate our queen and her arrival!