Pre-Game Prep and Food Transport

Hello Again Port Katherine!

I’m looking for 2-4 volunteers to help me with food prep next Saturday and Sunday, 8/24 and 8/25. For your service, you’ll receive 1CP per hour as soon as Brian gets around to entering it, but likely before the event! My kitchen is theoretically being demolished on Monday (but apparently that might be delayed) so Beth B has kindly volunteered her kitchen if mine is not functional. Let me know what day+time(s) you’re available that weekend and I’ll coordinate with Beth and any volunteers for exactly when we’ll get together. For reference, we both live within a few miles of the Alewife red line T station.

Depending on my kitchen renovation fridge situation, I will desperately need freezer space in which to store the food we prepare. It’s not feasible to cook everything from scratch on site with the time and volunteers available, so please let me know if I can drive food to your house in the Cambridge/Somerville/Arlington area for storage that weekend until game.

I’m also looking for volunteers with extra car space to fit a tote or 2 of foodstuffs. Bonus points if you have a large cooler that can take up some frozen goods from wherever they’re stored. It’d be great if any food arrived on site on the earlier side Friday evening, but the important bit is that it gets there.

Please reply in thread below to any of the above requests (or PM me) with your email and I’ll contact you individually to arrange details.


I have to prep-cook dinner on the 25th myself at my place out in Millbury, BUT I do have an SUV and a chest freezer so I can probably drive out sometime on the 25th to collect stuff for storage and transport. If anyone can bring the stuff to the worcester area that would be especially radical.

I’m free the 25th!

I would love to help.


i can do either of those days!

I am free to help the 25th; and even odds I might be free the 24th.

Odds are probably I won’t be able to come, as it’s my dad’s birthday weekend. Sorry.

I can be there on Saturday to help out. Is there anything you want me to bring? I have my knife kit and (shuffles feet looking down) more culinary appliances than I probably should. So let me know if you need any extras brought.

Thanks volunteers! Details sent in personal messages, see you this weekend.

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Beth R./Demyan and I turn out to be free on Saturday and would be happy to come help out on prep.