Pre-Event Kitchen Volunteering and Food Transport

Hello Again Port Katherine!

I’m looking for 2-4 volunteers to help me with food prep this coming Sunday, June 9th from 10 am until you’re ready to leave (I assume it should take about 4 hours, depending on number of volunteers and what I get done on Friday). For your service, you’ll receive 1CP per hour as soon as Brian gets around to entering it, but likely before the event! First come, first served; reply in thread below, and I’ll contact you with my address.

Sadly, my partner in crime, Manayach/Ichabod is unavailable this event, and possibly won’t be returning in the future. Four meals and snacks for 100 people is more than I can fit in my Fit (especially with a tavern minion in tow), so I’m also looking for volunteers with extra car space to fit a tote or 2 of foodstuffs. Even more useful is someone with a large cooler that can take up some frozen goods. Preferably the totes/frozen tupperwares get picked up from my house after food prep this Sunday, and before the event Friday at noon. It’d be great if they arrive on site on the earlier side Friday evening, but I’ll take what I can get :slight_smile: Again, reply in thread below and we’ll arrange a pickup time.

Yuki (Mildred)

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Roughly what part of MA are you in?

I’d be able to help out on Sunday.

I can do food transport.

Whoops, should have said. Arlington.