Post-Game Personal Check In

So, since it came up at least a couple times this weekend, and I didn’t think to clarify more readily: Bertrand is a bit of a sourpuss (to put it lightly), and with a naturally deep voice and my personal manner of speaking, a lot of what I say in-character can be at least a little abrasive. I want everyone here to know that I have nothing but love for each and every one of you, and if I ever were to have a problem, I would tell you privately out of character, and certainly wouldn’t give you the cold shoulder in-character just because I was upset. I realized too-late that a lot of people haven’t seen (or heard) me in at least 2 years, so their most-recent impression of Artemis was Artemis-as-Bertrand, and while I love pretending to be a grumpy, brusque man, I would like to think I’m personally a bit more approachable.

In short: It’s really great to see you all again after so long, and we’re all cool Out of Character, I promise. I’m very sorry if I gave the impression otherwise, and if I stepped on any toes, let me know privately so I can make it up to you. <3


(And Staff, if you feel this needs a different Forum Category, let me know and I’ll do whatever I have to in order to fix it.)


ARTEMIS I LOVE ABD APPRECIATE YOU AND I MISSED YOU AND IT WAS SO NICE TO SEE YOU AND BERTRAND AT GAME AGAIN!!! :black_heart::white_heart::black_heart::white_heart::black_heart:


Loved having you back at game Artemis! And I will use this forum as an opportunity to just say uh…ditto. I play an abrasive and often intentionally rude character and it is never ever to express out of game dislike. If engaging with Prudence and her general levels of aggressive cynicism and lack of social graces is ever an out-of-game bad time for you, please feel free to message me and I will gladly tone it down to whatever level feels good for folks <3


I kept meaning to reply but only when I was at work in the middle of things - but better late than never right?

Getting to meet you both in and out of character was a delight!! I’ve heard about Bertrand practically since I started PK but never got to meet you so having sneaky shenanigans being our introduction was amusing and very fun! I will say hearing you go from Artemis to Bertrand was like getting to see a magic trick because I really can’t change my voice pitch or accents; and getting to witness/interact with you as a grumpy, fight guy (particularly seeing how soft Bertrand is with Anna) was so good. I hope we’ll get to interact in game in the future (please stay out of surgery if possible tho :smiling_face: ).