Port Love Submissions

Greetings fair folks of Port Katherine!

As we settle in to our new home and build our government and infrastructure from the ground up why not take some time to think about building your personal life as well? Port Love will be a new column run seasonally in the Kithiran Herald. If you are interested in a connection of the more romantic variety (whether you’re planning to briefly dock or drop anchor for good) this is the opportunity for you. Submit a short description of who you are and what you’re looking for. Word limits and cost to print will be shared later.

If you have any questions about our section of the Herald please direct them to Prosperity Brannon Port Katherine Press Editor in Chief.

(oog I don’t have clear details yet on the amount of space I will have to use in the paper so this may be subject to change. Also expect more serious news gathering in later posts )


I LOVE this. Marriage Certificates and Annulment Agreements will be available if anyone is interested :wink:


Well well Isaac certainly getting ahead on business. Discounted rates for marriages that began through Port Love?

whispers and hush money for annulments that come from it.


So If I want to say something nice about someone, put it here?

No for you darling you can only share mean things :wink:

But if you are looking for romance or more physical pleasure please submit a short bio and the type of person you’re hoping to meet.


I’m sure we can come to an arrangement!