Port Katherine Rules v1.1

We are pleased to release an updated version of the rules: 1.1!


1.0 to 1.1 changes

  • Updated language on CP spending cap rollover to refer to “cycles” rather than “seasons”.
  • Updated non-combatant armband description
  • Added “Increase” call
  • “Beef” trade goods are now called “Meat”
  • “Flour” trade good are now called “Grain”
  • Cook: recipes are cooked during game rather than in BGS.
  • Added list of advanced paths to all headers
  • Surgeon: Changed “Healing Refresh” skill name to “Refresh Healing”.
  • Soldier: Clarified that Retreat plus Chest Armor does not make you immune to bullets. If hit in the chest
    by Pierce, you take 10 damage and any Chest Armor you are wearing is broken.
  • Engineer: Clarified that sleep and root gun skills do not have a reload time
  • Engineer: Clarified language for Hone Weapon skill doubling
  • Artificer: Clarified Chemical Augmentation only accepts elixirs, not oils or powders.
  • Artificer: Added “Increase” call to elemental weakness from Elemental Volley/Blade
  • Scholar: Added ability to check out books from the library to Knowledge skill.
  • Weapon Specifications: added requirement that at least half a melee weapon’s length must be padded.
  • Added 1-page calls quick reference appendix
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