Port Katherine Foxes Initiative

People of Port Katherine,

As you all know, the Von Siberholtz have been kind enough to sponsor our very own Port Katherine Pitball team: The Port Katherine Foxes! As you may also know, the NPL does not currently take our team seriously. We have been slandered in the Herald and marked as a lost cause, not worth the money it would take to send other teams to our Port to play. To that end, I am hoping to call upon the Socialites of Port Katherine to try and sway public opinion towards our team.

People love their sports, and our town needs support. Perhaps the increased travel and publicity will give us the boost we need. I am open to any thoughts and discussion on the matter, and would love to hear from Socialites and other townsfolk!

Countess Isaac Everhart, Esq.


Countess Everheart,

As you may know, I became a pitball fan on the same day Kleis signed you to the Foxes. I am not sure how much sway the opinion of a new pitball follower will hold, but I will contribute whatever I can to the effort.



Whether I contribute to this will depend on my PI score, as I have one thing I definitely need to use it for, and a few others I’m contemplating. Are you using your Focus to coordinate?

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I appreciate your support! Hopefully we will get ourselves a decent campaign going!


I currently have a somewhat available focus, so if we pull together a decent effort in this regard, I can likely coordinate it for us.

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Id only ask that we do not go through with any lingering plans to turn the arcanum-fed fox corpse into some sort of grisly automaton for a mascot.


I support this only on the condition that we absolutely turn the arcanum-fed fox corpse into some sort of grisly automaton for a mascot


Stev, I believe many in our small town would be quite upset by such a thing. Surely as a practitioner of healing, you would not wish to sew such discomfort?

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A great healer would surely agree!

Alas, I’m just middling at best.

…but also I was joking.


Putting a robot in the fox corpse would be ridiculous and a waste of resources. Now, if we made a suit out of it…


Can we make Julien Jr wear it?


Do non-socialites get a vote in this? Y’all need God.


I think we’re trying to build one

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I really can’t argue that a greater water elemental wearing the empty husk of an arcane fox isn’t a god, but I’m not going to be caught grovelling to that one.


On serious note, and I apologize for the bump, but were there any socialites interested in this? I know PI scores were low this time around, so I don’t know if people are planning to coordinate or just throw their points at something.

MAINLY I am asking because if we are not doing this plan, my focus is freed up, and I’d like to get my BGS in soon. :wink:

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I fear my abilities in that area are already spoken for, this time.


I am quite interested, but it seems unlikely to make much headway this season. Perhaps we can organize a more thorough campaign before Spring.

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I couldn’t agree more. Our influence is in a bit of disarray in the current season, and I don’t think there will be too much pitball activity in the winter, so holding off does indeed seem like the best course of action.