Port Katherine, Aboard the HMS Indomitable

TO: Admiralty Office, The Garrison, Tojima
FROM: HRM Katherine II
THROUGH: Captain Sir Robert Stanton, HMS Indomitable

  • Northern Fleet Command
  • Commander Stanley Mendoza
  • All Navy Personnel, Port Katherine

SUBJECT: Port Katherine, penned aboard the HMS Indomitable


  1. During our progress visit to Port Katherine, the nation of Tiyago declared war upon Kithira and attempted to capture or kill our person. Ready the northern fleet and assume a state of war with that nation.

  2. The attack makes clear the vital strategic importance of Port Katherine and the patriotism of its citizens. With immediate effect, we are making the following changes to Naval deployments in that area:
    a. The HMS Indomitable is to be assigned permanent duty to the Port Katherine settlement, for protection of their sea lanes.
    b. Captain Sir Robert Stanton is to assume command of both ship and island and should appoint a Commander to provide operational leadership of the Indomitable.
    c. Commander Stanley Mendoza to serve as Captain Stanton’s second in command and in operational command of Port Katherine.

  3. The following promotions are so ordered:

  • Midshipman Bethany Morris, to Acting Lieutenant, examination scheduled during medical staff examinations in the spring
  • Midshipman Jules Alabaster, to Acting Lieutenant, examination scheduled during unrestricted line officer examinations in the fall
  • Midshipman Tashif Alize, to Acting Lieutenant, examination scheduled during unrestricted line officer examinations in the fall
  • Boatswain Udo Alize, to Midshipman
  • Boatswain Serendipity Locke, to Midshipman
  • Boatswain Steadfast Willoughby, to Midshipman
  • Petty Officer Silas Amira, to Boatswain
  1. All Naval Officers of the Port Katherine expedition to be awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry medal, to be awarded at Captain Sir Robert’s earliest convenience.

  2. Admiralty Office to prepare for our arrival, currently expected on the 43rd of Late Winter, to formulate a plan of war.

HRM Katherine II


Well deserved, all! Welcome back, Captain Stanton! Welcome, HMS Indomitable!!