Polymath Thesis Assistance Request

Dear Citizens of Port Katherine,

Over the next year, I will be focusing on obtaining an advanced degree in my field. To do so, it has come to my attention that I will need to write a thesis spanning multiple fields. After some thought I have settled on a topic that seems relevant to our immediate future as a colony, given recent events.

I will be writing: “Arcanum poisoning and the physiological, spiritual and psychological effects thereof, both harmful and beneficial, and the methods by which these may be alleviated.”

This will incorporate medical, apothecarial, and spiritual disciplines, among others.

The first step in this process is to obtain interviews from those who have witnessed the effects or have themselves been affected.

If you meet these criteria and would be willing to meet with me to discuss those experiences, please contact me either here, or by sending me private correspondence. While being able to state my sources would be greatly appreciated, I understand that this can be something of a sensitive matter, and will practice full discretion and ensure anonymity if that is the desire of the interviewee.

With love,
Countess Annaliese Liane Leopolda Johanna Verenberg-Hossler von Silberholtz

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When we first arrived in Port Katherine I received a small supplement of research pertaining to this topic. I will try to find where I kept it and relay the information to you!

Annaliese, I am willing to share whatever I learn about this pertaining to spiritualism.

Thank you both, kindly. Your assistance is much appreciated.

Out of curiosity, does this thesis pertain specifically to humans or all types of flora and fauna?

Additionally, you should consider “working with” some of the soldiers that we have been fighting, as I believe they consume Arcanum droughts before battle.

I also believe that Ms.Cleary and Fawkes have been experimenting with dipping creatures into the Aether, they may have some insight. Unless, you are specifically looking for those who are consuming Aether and not merely interacting with it on the surface.

If any of my research brings to light any interesting information however I will gladly share it with you for your thesis.

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I am primarily interesting in humans for this thesis, but the effects on various types of flora and fauna could very well be illuminating as to such.

I have also considered and would very much like to get interviews with some of the pirates, but I suspect the attempt will be both difficult, and dangerous, so I shall proceed with care.

While Aether and Arcanum do seem to share some superficial characteristics, and there are plenty of hypothesis about them having a shared nature, that is far from having been proven. Until and unless that changes, my research is restricted solely to the effects of Arcanum and other substances containing the arcane property of which it is primarily composed.

I thank you for your offer of collaboration. I think it could be most useful to both of us, and look forward to keeping in touch on the matter.

If you need someone to consume arcanum for science, I’m not above that provided any medical bills I encounter related to it are paid for. I heard a rumour a while back that it tastes like sugar that I’ve honestly been dying to test out.


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Oh goodness, no I would not ask that of anyone. If you already have, or already intend to, please seek me out for an interview, but do not consume arcanum solely for my thesis’s sake! Your health is of far more import.

I mean, I was kinda toying with the idea anyway, I’ve got a nice vial of some liquid arcanum I was going to drink right before they brought out the arcane fox at the festival. It seemed… More questionable at that point.
I’ll reconsider at the winter festival, for sure, if it helps your studies.

Similar to Livewell, I am willing to share what I learn about this as it relates to spiritualism. Also having served on a ship and having lived in a port city before that I may have other experiences that could share with you as well.