Political Influence, Winter 1719

The below are the political influence totals following our winter event, 1718. These are the values you will use to submit any political influence bgs - not your Well-Regarded (Socialite) score. Keep in mind that these numbers are modified from your raw Socialite ranks by a number of factors that you can control during game (and that other Socialites may explain to you if you missed it). Political Influence, not Socialite, is your actual BGS skills, and Well-Regarded can only influence it, not dictate it.

The below list is public because it is fairly impossible to hide your level of influence, at least not without training.

  • Vaast Verenberg - 14
  • Frederick Comptess Northmarch - 9
  • Amity Harlow - 7
  • Sibella Fairfax Egerton - 7
  • Isaac Everhart - 6
  • Matthias Cieleone Teuthida Alize - 6
  • Countess Rukiye Maryam Nai’ma bint Maital v’Yasamin v’Jacinta no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira - 6
  • Tashif Zayats Teuthida Alizé - 6
  • Teodora “Téa” Serafina Valencia della Rossa Cieleone Teuthida Alizé - 6
  • Jules Alabaster - 5
  • Adelaide Annice Ornelle - 4
  • Countess Annaliese Leopolda Liane Johanna Verenberg-Hossler von Silberholz - 4
  • Czesława Orzełbiełik Teuthida Alizé - 4
  • Nathrach Rían Quigley - 4
  • Serendipity Locke - 4
  • Haven Amira - 3
  • Udo Alize - 3
  • Bethany Morris - 3
  • Edmund Burke - 3
  • Steadfast Willoughby - 3
  • Evangelina De Monnaie - 2
  • Evy Volareth - 2
  • Johnathan Heysel-Bright - 2
  • Kleis Adalgar Verenberg-Hostler von Silberholz VII - 2
  • Livewell Birkett Lureen - 2
  • Silas Amira - 2
  • Zaira Violet Quigley - 2
  • Amarallys Megumi Wilhemina Katherine Mirzardrani - 1
  • James Corvid - 1
  • Countess Julian Ashford Calvette the Third - 1
  • Lars Magnusson - 1
  • Mildred Kellerman - 1
  • Morgan Marinus - 1
  • Morrigan Marinus - 1
  • Petra Muirin - 1
  • Prosperity Brannon - 1
  • Prudence Mulligan - 1
  • Rhett Emile Locklan II - 1
  • Slaine Quigley - 1
  • Stev Lureen - 1
  • Ursula Swift - 1
  • Montgomery Lenadora - 0

My apologies for taking so long to get these out.

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Hi all! Quick explainer for those who are new to having PI (or who need a refresher)

Political Influence (PI) is our system to quantify an abstract phenomenon in society. These points represent what people think of you and how likely they are to listen to you and your ideas. Influence represents your ability to persuade others socially. PI can be spent individually, or a group can come together to pool points toward a common goal (on a very large scale, this might look like a protest march irl).

“PI” or “Influence” is the points that can be spent this way. These Influence points can be something your character inherently has, if they are Well Regarded. Any character can become more influential if they are given points by another- this is a skill that socialites have. Some socialites are skilled enough to temporarily reduce another person’s influence.

PI is awarded based on the previous event a character attended (Winter 1719 PI is spent during the Spring 1720 cycle). Please title BGS entries with PI, Influence, or Political Influence so that staff can easily identify and assign them. Please include the number of Influence points in the body of your BGS so we know what you’re spending. PLEASE split apart Influence used toward different goals into different entries (e.g. “3 points of influence to encourage the formation of workers’ rights associations” and “1 point of influence to write a letter to the head of the Pitball League and get them to actually read it”). When these are split, we can assign the BGS to separate staffers as necessary, and ensures we answer all parts of your entry. Influence points do not persist between games. They are generated new every time.