Political Influence BGS question

If I want to use a chunk of political influence for a few closely related but not necessarily exactly the same things, would that be better as one BGS entry with a bullet point list of overall goals, or multiple entries with specific # of points allocated to each goal?

Hard to be more specific without giving away why I’m asking :wink:

Mainly wondering what’s easier/less of a headache for staff. For now I’m going to submit all as one but can edit before deadline if splitting up is better.

For posterity, here’s @hbrandte’s answer from Slack:

One entry with a bullet point list. Either prioritize explicitly, or list approximately how many points you’re putting towards each thing in the list, or otherwise differentiate how much isadora cares about each thing.

If they’re closely related, we’ll either have to have all of em open to cross-reference anyway, or different writers will grab different ones and get confused.