Please fill out the Port Katherine Demographic Health Census! (Targeting PCs and NPCs.)

Hello! I’m Sorrel Volareth, a member of your medical community. As you may have seen during the Festival, I am conducting a demographic and health census. If you did not complete your census with me during the Festival days, I would appreciate your taking a few minutes to chat with me over the next season. This census will help the medical community identify basic health needs, and I will publish the aggregate anonymized summary statistics in the Port Katherine library by the Summer Festival. More details in the link:
Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss this or any other topics.

How interesting, Sorrel. Might I ask the purpose of your census? Many of these questions are of… a rather personal nature, and I am curious as to the use of any answers provided.

– Isadora Sobeck

Thank you for your question, Isadora.

The purpose of the census is purely to determine the ongoing basic health concerns of the Port Katherine community. Basic community health care includes care for the most vulnerable members of a population, such as infants, children and the elderly, and ensuring comprehensive access to basic health commodities such as family planning services and services in the new field of psychiologie. Access to care can be improved by understanding the factors, such as wealth or education, that lead some people to have better health access than others. Please do feel free to skip any questions which you feel are too personal.

In short, I am hoping to build on Port Katherine medical services that address not only critical wounds but also the integrated, comprehensive physical, mental, and spiritual health of the community. This will be an ongoing effort and I welcome all interest and participation from members of the medical community (broadly speaking; I certainly include any apothecaries and spiritualists who see themselves as part of the medical community) and from citizens at large.


As much of this data is personal, what steps will you be taking to safeguard the results and who will have access to the information?

I see, that’s quite the undertaking, but does seem valuable for the long term welfare of the colony. I have dabbled some in the making of healing vials, but cannot claim to have any particular knowledge of wider health concerns.

Hello, thank you for your question. I’m afraid I missed your name, sorry!

I will absolutely never make public any identifiable or nonaggregated medical information of any patient or community member. However, like any records, it is possible that such records could be stolen. The infirmary does not currently have a lockable cabinet. If someone would like to sell me a lock, I would love to buy one in order to secure medical records. In the meanwhile, various medical practitioners are keeping the records that they take on their person or at their homestead between festivals. That is what I am doing with these and any other records I take, and I am not sharing the unprocessed records with anyone.

Please do skip any questions that you consider to be too personal. Ultimately, the only way to keep a piece of information 100% secure is to never share it. If you even just list your name and skip all other questions as too personal, that is helpful because it helps me to see what questions this community considers to be personal. If you for any reason feel uncomfortable with the endeavor of a health census as a whole, please choose not to take the census; it is intended as a participatory community effort, not a mandatory activity!


Oh, sorry, Petty Officer Jules Alabaster.