Plague Plot Wrapup

Hey folks,
Based on feedback from our out-of-game event and responses to the What Plots Do You Want To Stop Being Involved With question on our recent survey (fill it out if you haven’t!), here’s how we’re handling the plague plot resolution:

  • the plague has been cured! we will never mention it again in staff-driven Plot Stuff
  • you may of course talk about it amongst yourselves, but we encourage you to check in with those around you for everyone’s comfort levels, and consider not talking about it in spaces where it’s hard for people to opt out (i.e. the tavern)
  • we will run a small, opt-in mod on Friday of the Spring event where those who were involved in developing a cure can do a Defeating The thing science montage, to respect the large amount of in-game effort that went towards fixing the problem.

If you are interested in participating in this mod, please notify us at or mention it in your survey response - to make sure we’re respecting everyone’s preferences and comfort levels, even if we know you’ve been involved with plague plot before we will not plan for you to be in the mod unless you specifically opt in.