PK Lost and Found

Hello all,

The lost and found is getting kind of full, so I’d like to remind everyone to stop by during check-in and see if anything there is yours. It will be in a bin next to the staff center door.

Additionally, I wanted to remind everyone that we typically discard the lost and found at the end of cleanup during the Winter event. With that in mind, we’d hate to throw away something of value to you, so please take a little extra time this and next event to make sure you have everything.

Thank you,


I’m lose more stuff every game, I’ll have to take a look at what you have.

Hi All,

Someone seems to have walked off with one of the hand-made tavern volunteer aprons, if you have it, please bring it back so our volunteers can protect their lovely costumes. Also, the 1/3 cup measuring cup (white, slightly ovoid in shape) belonging to PK is gone. Any idea where it could be?


I vaguely remember seeing such a measuring cup in the staff center kitchenette. We might have stolen it by accident. Maybe check if it’s still there at Witchwood?

The measuring cup was identified in the lost and found and picked up by Nancy McCarthy (and I’m pretty sure brought back to the kitchen, but I’m not 100%)

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This event, I left a blue cooler in the kitchen next to the large fridge. Had my coffee making supplies inside.

I just realized I left my raincoat on the bench outside staff center. It’s black, waist-length, and has a CVS receipt wadded up in one pocket

I have:

  • a 1-cup size white plastic ovoid measuring cup.
  • a swiss army knife left at summer picnic
  • a one piece metal spoon-fork-multi tool thing left at summer picnic
  • a maroon beret hat with black trim

I also have the blue cooler and coffee supplies mentioned and a gray bag with sewing stuff, but have already contacted their owners.

I have a metal cup that was borrowed from the kicthen, but I don’t know if that was camp supplies or belongs to our cooks.

that swiss army knife and spork-multitool-thing belong to @zhany! and thank you for reminding us because both of us had basically completely forgotten they existed at this point. would you mind hanging on to those for now and we could grab them in the future, at new year’s probably?

Damn, I forgot the tapestry I brought for the tavern for the queen’s visit. it’s blue with a gold landscape and deer?

I mean, if staff want it, they’re free to consider it a donation, but I just realized I never grabbed it.

Since believe it still never turned up, if anyone ever found the flower that Ash referred to in the post here:

I know she’d appreciate it.

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I left my phone charger by the first Bunk on the left in pineside 1- could someone grab it for me this weekend since I won’t be around long on Saturday?

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If I get on site early enough, I’ll check.

If not, I posted on the WW forums, so :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: