Pie a Town Council Member!

Hello citizens of Port Katherine. I am very excited to announce a raffle which will be going on during our winter festival. A raffle which allow you to smear members of your town council literally! Winners will be able to push a plate containing cream into the face of a town council member.

How will it work?
Tickets will be sold throughout the festival at 0.2d each. Anyone can purchase as many tickets as they desire. They will then put those tickets into jars labeled with each town council member’s name. Then shortly after dinner we will draw from each jar and the winner will get to “pie” that town council member. The proceeds of which will go to the town council to help build and maintain public works.

The following town council members have already volunteered themselves:
Vaast Verenberg
Leland Casmirre
Teodora Alizé
Nathrach Rían Quigley

Please note that the time of the drawing and the town council members participating may change over the coming weeks.


Vaast, if I donate enough money, can I forcibly volunteer my brother? That’s how these things work, right?


I have already volunteered dear sister, but if you wish to donate enough to try and ensure you are the one who gets to ‘pie’ me then feel free.