Pearl Elixer for Auction

Hello friends and comrades!

By the magnificent feats of Lee the Finder, myself the farmer, and the Marinusses…ii…I? We’ve collaborated our efforts to bring Precisely One pearl Elixer to auction at the next festival.

This announcement is for those of you who desire it to prep your pockets to bid, as a phenomenal amount of effort has gone into it’s creation.

Let’s say somewhere around noon to get things started, shall we? The starting bid will be 50 ducats.

The winning bidder (or their delegated elixer receivee of choice) will have to be present and conscious to take the elixer when all the others are taken, as we’re using the Iced Treat Machine to double the effects.

Your friendly neighborhood farmer,

Damienne Fawkes

[Oog: I don’t know how to make these comments do the Hidey thing, BUT yes I am aware that by our capabilities combined that we will have four elixers total, but three of those are already claimed by the parties involved, and I’d much rather not listen to folks explain to me how to do the exact thing I’ve been planning for two festivals.]