Parasite Problem: We Need YOU

Hi everyone,

As I’m sure you’re aware, this past Souls was… eventful, to say the least. In all the chaos and revelation, you might have even missed the multiple bloodworm attacks that occurred, or not seen the large holes said worms have dug up around town. However, whether we acknowledge them or not, this is a Big Problem, and one that is growing at an alarming rate.

Now I and some other surgeons have done our best to research a bit about this parasite problem, but the time for theoretical deep-dives is over. We need to be more proactive before we become a breeding ground for more larvae, or become like the one of the nearby villages the previously had a spike in these parasites and get completely wiped out.

Right now, we’d love to be able to find all these nasty holes, and potentially even discover if they lead back to a central nest of some kind. If we know where a majority of these suckers hide, we’ll be better off. If any trackers could work with us here, it’d be a major help.

Secondly, we’ve been able to discover that purifies do weaken these bastards somewhat, so we’re fairly confident that if we modify purifies somehow, we’d be taking a good deal of fight out of them. I’m personally also still partial to the idea that burning them so there’s no remains is a solid, good strategy tactic for any creature you’re concerned wants to burrow deep into your skin and burst from underneath it like an aether whale breaking through ocean waves. Hopefully, we can maybe work out a 1-2 strike of weakening them with an enhanced purify and then burning them to ash. If any apothecary/engineer/artificer/etc could help figure out a way to make either of those things come true, that’d be awesome.

I’m aware that this is a lot of effort, and fellow colonists tend to be very busy. However, I’d also like to stress that some of these worms are now people-sized, and that growth happened in about a season’s time, if that long - I really don’t think waiting to definitively deal with this infestation will lead to any pleasant revelations. Also, you all live in the port that’s quickly becoming a bloodworm buffet: it’s in your best interest to help out and stop that from happening, if that’s something you can do. So please respond to this notice if you can lend a hand.

Try not to die,
Sláine Flann Quigley
Surgeon Guild Leader


How were these purifies applied to the worms? Were they somehow force fed. Applied to a weapon?

To my knowledge, they were applied directly to the young parasite samples, no weapon used.

I’m not certain I can do anything to help between Autumn and Winter, but I can try to assist between Winter and Spring. I am also a Fire artificer and I am more than happy to throw large quantities of fire at these things during festivals.

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I would talk to other more experienced apothecaries. I know it was brought up at Apothecary lunch that we have some knowledge on dealing with smaller scale parasites and were thinking of ways to use what we know to weaken or prevent the bloodworms from infecting people for some time.

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Please keep me updated on how that goes!

I’m not sure much I can do between festivals will help, but engineering knowledge is often useful in caves/underground, if you wind up needing that, let me know.

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