Pan Aetherium Zodiac

What is your astrological sign and how do the starts influence your fate?
Full sign descriptions are available in “The A∫trological Signs Of
The Pan-Aetherium: A Primer On The Effects Of The Stars On The Lives Of Tho∫e Born Under Their Reigns” in the Port Katherine library!

Fairy Ring
Month: Early Spring
Element: Earth
Humor: Sanguine
Compatibility: Eye of the Vortex, Goat-Heard
Su∫ceptible to: Liver problems

The Gla∫s Lover
Month: Late Spring
Element: Ice
Humor: Melancholic
Compatibility: Kraken, Rebel-Warrior
Su∫ceptible to: Heart trouble

The Rebel-Warrior
Month: Early Summer
Element: Air
Humor: Choleric
Compatibility: Gla∫s Lover, Hive-Keeper
Su∫ceptible to: Fevers and joint pains

The Dawn Ship
Month: Late Summer
Element: Fire
Humor: Sanguine
Compatibility: Hive-Keeper, Goat-Heard
Su∫ceptible to: Eye trouble

The Hive-Keeper
Month: Early Autumn
Element: Earth
Humor: Phlematic
Compatibility: Rebel-Warrior, Dawn Ship
Su∫ceptible to: Skin conditions

The Eye of the Vortex
Month: Late Autumn
Element: Fire
Humor: Phlemgatic
Compatibility: Fairy Ring, Eye of the Vortex
Su∫ceptible to: Brain fevers

The Kraken
Month: Early Winter
Element: Air
Humor: Choleric
Compatibility: Gla∫s Lover, Kraken
Su∫ceptible to: Indige∫tion

The Goat-Herd
Month: Late Winter
Element: Ice
Humor: Melancholic
Compatibility: Dawn Ship, Fairy Ring
Su∫ceptible to: Re∫piratory infections

The Cautious King
Date: New Years
Element: Aether
Humor: Supine
Compatibility: Sol∫tice and Equinox ∫igns
Su∫ceptible to: weak ankles, leg pain


The astrological signs were made by a player and are staff-approved but NOT staff-endorsed. Like the actual Zodiac, signs may not align with scientific or historical fact.


Blame it on all the fighting induced head trauma, but, I can’t recall - is the Festival of Souls Early or Late Autumn?

Souls falls on the Equinox, the day between Early and Late Autumn


Yeah, festivals’re always the last day of early whatever, festival day, and the first day of late whatever.

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