ORTC Maiden Trade Voyage: Requests Open


Despite our steady and remarkably swift march towards a collective demise, the citizens of Port Katherine apparently still have material needs. The ORTC will therefore be attempting to acquire some requested trade goods to keep our civilization limping along for a few more seasons. While this trade mission is all but doomed to fail between the Tiyagan blockade and untold terrors of the aether, should any of our members return alive, it would be best if they returned with goods most needed by our accursed port.

Requests for basic trade goods can be made below to the attention of the Quartermaster of the ORTC. Which apparently is me. How terrible.

Your request for a good cannot guarantee your acquisition of that good. That can only be secured by ducats and the unlikely chance that we find a moment of peace this Summer to ruin with capitalism.

May your inevitable doom come more slowly than the rest.
Prudence Mulligan


The Navy needs a lot of leather, for armor repairs if nothin’ else, and I’m sure you know it’s been in short supply. We’ll pay market rate for at least ten, if you can get them.

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