On The Subject Of Spirits (Or, Hopefully, Lack Thereof)

As it is my hope that the subject is so transparently a good idea that it will require neither regulation nor organization, from next Festival until such time as there is any movement towards establishing an official fund, I will be putting out a small bowl soliciting payments towards sanctification of the dead. I will encourage any spiritualist who takes it upon themself to sanctify the dead to take a piece of arcanum and a few pence from these payments and, if the bowl happens to be empty, perhaps wait until it isn’t before they begin performing such services again.


Mr. Lilywhite, I own a pair of arcanum mines that are already functioning at capacity. It would be an honor to contribute to your efforts.


The apothecaries can help create the quietudes needed, but maggots are involved in the process.

While I am glad that our apothecaries are fast at work remedying that unfortunate oversight in our provisioning, I’ll point out that no part of the Draught of Quietude or its application requires a spiritualist. If you would like to distribute them to us on the theory that we’ll be looking over the dead anyways, I suspect most of us would be fine with serving as a delivery mechanism, but we’re hardly necessary.


Just to be clear I believe the draught of quietude prevents a revenant (the empty body getting up and poking people) while sanctifying the dead prevents the spirit from sticking around and causing problems.

As far as I understand Serendipity is correct. Both need to be done to avoid some sort of bad thing, neither solution alone will prevent both bad outcomes.

The good news is, you need maggots to make the draughts of quietude, and revenents drop maggots. So if we run out of draughts, the materials will soon show up…

Correct on all accounts! The primary distinction is that a revenant, so far as the good Professor Kavanagh could tell us, will only rise once, and once hacked to pieces will prove no further problem. Spirits, on the other hand, while less randomly dangerous, may prove somewhat harder to disperse, require specialized skills to deal with, and can with sufficient age or violent motive, prove capable of affecting the material world.

I would never be so crass as to suggest prioritization be given to sanctification, but so far as I can tell, it is both cheaper to do and more of a bother to miss than quietude.

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Nothing crass at all Mr. Lilywhite! Your trade is indispensable to the colony, and we should do wise to humble ourselves and lean on your advice.