On the Sale of Electricity, Dawning '23

Fellow Citizens,

The Town Council anticipates having electricity for sale this Dawning. The price this season will again be 5 Ducats, and we will again be prioritizing supply for those who need it to maintain normal bodily functions.

I should be available near the tavern for the first hour or so of Dawning 1 to facilitate this sale. You are also welcome to reach out to me ahead of time, either via a message here or one delivered to me privately by note. Let me know how much you wish to purchase and whether you need it to maintain normal bodily functions or not.

In the event there is more demand than supply in the purchase requests we receive by the end of the first hour of Dawning 1, we will resolve who acquires electricity this festival by lot. If we have units of electricity remaining after that time, that will of course remain available for purchase later in the festival.

For the Town Council

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I would like to purchase one unit (not for a body part).

As usual I’ll need one for a body part, and up to 3 more for not-a-body-part if it’s available. Thanks again for doing this Frederick

I am looking to purchase two units, Not for bodily function. (Though it is for my eye it is for the fancy bells and whistles, not sight)

i need one unit for a body part

I need one for a body part.

I’m low on the priority list but I’d like to buy one unit.

I would also like to purchase one non-body-part unit.

I would like to purchase one unit; not for a body part,