On the Purchase of Electricity

Fellow Citizens,

Although obviously current events have left things unsettled, at present the Town Council anticipates having ten units of electricity for sale on the First of Souls. As we ran out of electricity for sale at Fire, and expect demand to only increase, we will be selling electricity at Souls in the manner described below.

Electricity will be sold for 4 Ducats. If an exchange rate for Crowns is clearly established by then, we will also accept Crowns, but we do not expect many of you to have made that exchange by the First. In order to prevent an unfair first come, first served situation, for the first hour or two of Souls 1, I (or another councilor if I am called away) will be near the tavern taking a list of people who are interested in purchasing electricity, in what quantity. At about midnight, there will be a call to close the list.

If the list is ten units or shorter, everyone who is on it will be notified and their purchase concluded, and any remaining charge will be sold on a first come first served basis. If it is longer than ten units, we will preferentially provide electricity to those who need it for the proper functioning of a limb or other body part. If you wish to claim this preferential treatment, let us know when you place the order what it is for. Any further ordering of hopeful purchasers will be done by random draw.

We wish you a happy Souls.

Frederick, for the Town Council