On the Purchase of Electricity, Winter 1722

Fellow Citizens,

In an attempt to streamline delivery of electricity, the Town Council is requesting that those interested in purchasing any for Remembrance let us know ahead of time, either via a message here or one delivered to me privately by note or in person by the end of the First of Remembrance. Let us know how much you wish to purchase and whether you need it to maintain normal bodily functions or not. We will again be prioritizing supply for those who need to maintain such functions. The price this season shall be 5 Ducats. I will confirm purchases at the beginning of the Second.

In the event there is more demand than supply in these advanced purchases, we will resolve who acquires electricity this festival by lot. If we have units of electricity remaining after the morning of the Second, that will of course remain available for purchase later in the celebrations.

For the Town Council


Dear Frederick,

I am interested in purchasing a single electricity. I do not need it for the function of a part of my body. Thank you for organizing this.

Best wishes,

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I wanna purchase three units, one of them is for a body part, the other two aren’t.


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I would like to purchase 1 unit (not for a body part).

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I would like to purchase 1 unit of electricity so my left arm works.

I also would like to know but will not pay for advisement on what the unit of electricity is, it feels all very hush-hush to be calling it ‘a unit’ without saying its name.

I assume it’s named after some dead lady.


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I would like to purchase one unit of electricity. This is not being for a bodily part.

-Amanzo Lureen