On the definition of "useless"

I’ve generally assumed that it’s the intention of the rules that a maimed limb shouldn’t be used to block hits, but obviously there are situations (e.g., legs are maimed and you’re on your back being dragged away) where this is hard. Is there staff guidance on what the best way to handle maimed limbs while at 1 vit is?

Arms: if your arm is maimed, hold it to your side or behind you. DO NOT BLOCK with it. If you’re in a fight, you don’t have to drop a weapon that’s in that hand, for safety/convenience, but DO NOT use your maimed limb to pick things up, reload, or otherwise manipulate objects.

Legs: take a knee. DO NOT HOP. if you cannot safely take a knee, try not move the leg as little as possible. if you are being carried, walk like normal for safety reasons (since you’re not “really” walking anyway)

Now is as good a time as any to remind people: you cannot run while carrying someone. if you are being carried, both you and the person carrying you should move no faster than a walk. I usually represent that I’m being carried while unconscious by ducking my head and holding my arms loose in front of me, but do whatever works best for you.


Am I correct in remembering that having 1 working leg and 1 maimed means one can walk slowly, or does losing any legs make one immobile?

You may crawl or kinda drag yourself along the ground. If this is unsafe due to IRL mobility concerns, you may walk very slowly.

What happens in the event a maimed limb is hit unintentionally? Say a maimed arm is hit while hanging to the side?

If it is hit by a packet, you take the effect. If you get hit by a call that does not affect specific limbs (root, sleep, cleave, etc), you take the effect. If you are hit by an uncalled melee attack, pierce, maim, or disarm, it does nothing.

Please note: as said before, DO NOT use a maimed limb to intentionally block shots. Consistent complaints of someone doing so will be treated like consistent complaints about not taking hits, machine gunning, or other unsporting-verging-on-cheating behavior.