On dividing up the good stuff

a message tacked to the board

Last few times I dragged a bunch of folks off into the woods to fight who-knows-what or down in a hole in the ground to poke things-that-shouldn’t-be-poked, they looked surprised when I passed out the things I found in the monsters’ guts afterward.

This is a reminder that that’s y’all’s pay, and you shouldn’t be letting the bookish types walk off with it just because you were too busy swinging a sword and keeping them alive to dig out the valuable bits yourself.

If your group doesn’t sit down and divide up the good stuff as soon as y’all’re in a safe place, they’re ripping you off. Don’t go on dangerous trips with people who rip you off.

And if you can’t find a scholar or sensitive that won’t, I’m around and always willing to go do somethin’ stupid.



Well said, Stev. I have encountered similar surprise on those occasions when I have ended up the one trying to distribute goods at the end of a battle, and I find the implications of that disturbing. To Stev’s reminder I would like to add my own that if you are the one who ends in possession of the goods, it is your responsibility to see it fairly distributed to those who worked with, or especially for, you.


I’ve assumed this was a standard practice and have always arranged as such. Are some people not doing so? That must be a nightmare for repeat contractors.


You’d think. When I realized that wasn’t standard, the whole commotion over fighters not getting paid enough suddenly made sense


I’ve received pay from maybe one or two contract jobs in my time in Port Katherine.


The fighters in town are discussing this, and while I don’t formally speak for all of them, it should be noted that moving forward, folks with a reputation for fair pay and even divide of loot are going to find it much easier to find bodyguards on small outings.

Thank you, Stev, for making a formal notice.


For the fifth group, difficulty with making change and the fact that the large group size made it a small individual payment lead to the majority of it just being a town council donation.
If you wandered off when the math was being done after the excursion and didn’t come find me the following day, you can reach out now. I will warn you now that there were over 15 people and since I didn’t know we would need to split payment until close to when we entered, I kept no list of who was going with so I will need to find someone to corroborate your claim. This is not meant as an attack on your character, it is a limit of my memory. You will also need to make change.


You need to work with better employers…I have work that I could use coming up…

I mean, I have no qualms with my business with Countess Everhart, mostly just whining about everyone else ponying up. Although I’m definitely interested in work!