Ombuds and Mark of the Red Feather introduction and reminder

Greetings! My name is Kep.

We have many new people in our community since last year, so I’d like to introduce myself again as the Red Feather Roleplaying organization’s Ombudsperson (a.k.a. “ombuds” or “ombuddy”).

As such, I am a person you can send feedback (Negative OR positive! Anonymously or not!) about how the board is doing and one of several people you can reach out to for help navigating conflicts with other players, staff members, game directors, or board members. Additionally, Christian Gonzalez is the head of the conduct committee, if you need to raise Code of Conduct concerns.

I also oversee the Mark of the Red Feather, a group of players who volunteer to be sources of out of game support to players and staffers during games, particularly because staff may not be very available during those times.

I am the person to talk to if you would like to become a Mark of the Red Feather volunteer.

I am also a person you can reach out to about your experience acting as a Mark of the Red Feather volunteer, not just to escalate others’ concerns that you need help directing; I am here to support our volunteers in addition to being a potential source of advice.
Please let me know of challenges you are facing or things you need advice on.

As a reminder, please check with people before further sharing things they have told you confidentially.

Contact info for me, the Ombuds:

Contact info for the Conduct Committee:

And a heartfelt thanks to all of you, whether volunteering officially or otherwise, who put in time, effort, subtlety, and warmth into making this a supportive community. <3


There is a further explanation of the Mark of the Red Feather on the Witchwood forums here:

Additionally, I gave some explanation of the Ombuds role and others in this comment thread on the Port Katherine forum: Gender neutral forms of address and alternatives to Sir/Miss

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