October 2021 Out-of-Game Event Details

Hi everyone!

The Port Katherine out-of-game event is this Saturday! Here are some more details:

  • We will “officially” be running from around noon-10pm. That being said, feel free to show up earlier or stay later - we have the site for the whole weekend, so you can stay overnight Friday and/or Saturday. You can arrive as early as 5pm on Friday and stay until 1pm on Sunday, and can use the cabins to sleep in (but PLEASE make sure to clean up after yourself if you do so)
  • Partners, children, and friends interested in checking out the community are welcome!
  • Lunch/dinner/snacks will be potluck (NOTE: STAFF IS NOT ORGANIZING THIS, but some players have started coordinating using this spreadsheet Food sign up fall 2021 - Google Sheets )
  • Feel free to bring weapons for sparring, games to play, etc, or just plan to hang out and chat with others about your characters (or catch up on life in general)! We can’t wait to see you :slightly_smiling_face:


  • At 1pm, Haley will lead a walk around the campsite. Learn where The No Longer Smoldering Ruins Where The Barn Where Nothing Good Happens Used To Be is! Experience the fabled “long loop”! Figure out how far back the far field really goes!
  • 2pm, following the walk: big group discussion about how to handle coming back to PK after a long time away (including “how will we handle the timeskip in the calendar”, “what are we going to do about plague plot”, and general staff Q&A)
  • 4pm: pull all the bins from summer storage, check for mouse damage, and move to winter storage
  • After dinner: Ducky will run a tour of the kitchen/dishwasher to help folks get familiar with it
  • Around dusk: bonfire at the fire circle

If you want to run another event (fight mod/escape room? enormous game of capture the flag? cheese chase down the giant hill*?), reply to this thread with logistical information and we’ll add it to the planned event schedule.

*probably do not do this


  • Anyone over 12 must be vaccinated to attend the event. Please bring your vaccination card or a copy/picture of it.
  • Please stay home if you have any COVID-like symptoms.
  • We do not require testing before and after the event, but do strongly recommend it.
  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED INDOORS. (The only exception is if you are spending the night in one of the cabins and make sure your cabinmates are comfortable sleeping in the same space with no masks)
  • Please respect the comfort level of those around you and mask up or socially distance from them if requested

Any questions, please let me know!

Brian Misamore
Game Director, Port Katherine


Should we bring disposable cutlery or should we plan on running the dishwasher when we are done?

Let’s assume we’ll wash dishes.

I’ll take responsibility for making sure the kitchen is set-up/organized. To that end, I’ll be on site ~10am Saturday if people want to prep their dishes in the kitchen. I would ask that you clean any pots/pans/baking sheets you use in prep/serving, and since I’m going home Sat night, anyone sleeping on site Saturday through Sunday clean and put away any dishes they use in the morning.

If you have any questions about the kitchen facilities/etc, please let me know and I can help.

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At 7PM we are going to be doing the in-lieu-of-autumn-festival PERFORMANCES in the big mod hall – it’s indoor space so masks will be required. If you are planning to perform (or just saw this now and suddenly want to), let me know!

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If I tented over on Friday night, would I be able to use my little gas camp stove? It may be chilly so some hot tea or cocoa might be nice.

Yeah, I mean, I don’t see any difference between that and a fire or a tiki torch, just don’t leave it unmonitored and don’t use it inside the tent.

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Thank you all for coming. Those of you who helped with moving stuff should send me a message here, on facebook, or email me at ducky@mit.edu.