OChRE Owes (some of) you Money!

Here is the list of people who had components they left with OChRE get used and thus earn themselves some Ducats from yours truly! If your name is on this list come see me at the bar for your money:

OChRE Sales:
Elliot 2
Dina 2
Silas 2
Vesper 6
Ebenezer 10
Velenza 8
Juliene 10
Stev 18
Scarlet 6
Almanzo 12
Petra 2
Prudence 6
Northmarch 2
Eldrid 6
Total 92

And if you bought or used anything from the Ochre Pool and would like to kick in a few ducats for the things you used we pay out 2d per common component and 6d per uncommon.

However at this point payment is still strictly voluntary! This is a service the bar provides in order to help facilitate the acquisition of component and apothecary knowledge; a personal passion of mine. =) So please keep buying lots of drinks so that I can pay people for their pretty flowers, friendly bugs, and cute critters!


I have the high score of bugs, just like I always wanted