Occupation Reminder

Just as a reminder, here are the current rules and expectations around occupation, both IG and out:

A missive from the Military Governor of Port Katherine, His Excellency Markgraf Luca da Riva Grissoni von Carrara, in the name of His Imperial Majesty Abendroth The Illuminated, Emperor of Kithira, Lord Marshal of the Lands of Tiyago, King of Othona, Mihal, Ighrem, Adlershorst, the Outlying Territories, and the Aether Between, Regent of Tojima, Marquis of Zlota, Principal of Chepstone, Duke of Drevnia, First Chaplain of the Order of Four, Knight-Commander of the Legion of St. William, Wielder of the Light, First Called:

Rules for Kithiran citizens in Tiyago-held territory during times of war:

  • Any battery of a Tiyagan is punishable by violent subdual.
  • Any attempt of sabotage of Tiyagan property or operations is punishable by violent subdual.
  • Any attempt at murder of Tiyagan is punishable by death.
  • Rights of habeas corpus, due process, and trial by peers are suspended. Trials will be conducted, guilt determined, and sentences handed out by the Military Governor or his designee.
  • Other crimes and incidents will be dealt with at the discretion of the Military Governor, as he sees fit.
  • Travel and correspondence is restricted and requires written permission from the Military Governor. All incoming or outgoing ships and materials are subject to search by the Tiyagan Army and Kithiran goods may be seized for any reason.
  • (scrawled in by hand on the otherwise printed sheet): I know some of you have an unhealthy fascination with magic. It may help you to know that mages outside official Tiyagan military service are summarily put to death.

OOG Clarification:

  1. Laws

    1. Attacking (including Sleep, Subdue, etc) any Tiyagan is punishable by critical.
    2. Sabotage, etc is punishable by critical.
    3. Rendering a Tiyagan critical is punishable by character death.
    4. If something doesn’t fit in those categories, staff will come up with something
    5. For criticals, the Tiyagan soldiers/etc are likely to administer them on the spot. For other stuff, they’ll capture you and drag you to the staff center.
    6. Tiyagans are using a military tribunal system, so don’t expect things like lawyers and due process. They can seize you, render judgment, and the punishment will be immediately enacted without appeal (all within the same event if possible).
    7. They aren’t necessarily going to just take your stuff, but do have the right to seize stuff they think is smuggled in or contraband.
    8. Being a magic user outside of direct permission from the Tiyagan crown is punishable by character death.
  2. General Expectations

    1. Penalties for attacking, etc Tiyagans apply to both Tiyagan civilians and soldiers.
    2. Don’t talk to Tiyagans about magic. While certain Tiyagans are allowed to practice, it is very tightly controlled and unauthorized users are dealt with just as if not more harshly than in Kithira.
    3. The Tiyagans consider the decursing ritual to be something religious rather than magic, given the lack of arcane calls and glowsticks. However, they are generally more aware of the signs of magic, and may watch you more closely if you show signs of magic use.
    4. Tiyagans will generally crit you and leave you if you are caught breaking the rules (or they think you are breaking the rules). Some mods may be far enough away from the town that the hospital is not accessible, in which case the Tiyagans will also perform the surgery as best as they can.
    5. Given the frontier nature of Port Katherine, you are allowed to keep your weapons.
    6. The festival will still run. The Tiyagans are uninterested in messing with your cultural stuff.
    7. For new PCs, the newbie mod will explain how you got to the island (and staff will do their best to take your backstory into account). At this time, staff is not allowing Tiyagan PCs.
    8. Kithira will not be importing goods, so that market auction will not be running. If you have made other arrangements, they will be handled in game.
    9. How Auxiliaries will be handled is a plot in game, so you will have to wait until then.