Occupation and BGS

Hello all,

We’re mostly handwaving the bit where you left the island for a couple of days to hang out with the Queen, because in-game that would have a bunch of nasty consequences, so as a reminder, you are still under occupation.

The original post is here: Occupation!

What that means for BGS is here (nothing has changed between this and the start of occupation):

  1. Impacts to BGS
    1. The following BGS are unaffected:
      1. Engineering/Chemistry BGS
      2. Income
      3. Landowner
      4. Laborer
      5. Gardener/Beekeeper/Farmer
      6. Hunter
      7. Day Laborer
      8. Experimentation (although like always, really crazy stuff will draw the attention of authorities)
      9. Research (as long as the materials you are looking for are available on the island)
    2. The following BGS are done through mail, so if the mail is running successfully, they are unimpacted. For the BGS cycle between Winter and Spring, the mail is running successfully
      1. Research (if the materials you are looking for are not available on the island, you are assumed to be corresponding with other Kithiran scholars and therefore reliant on the mail)
      2. Lawyer
      3. Stockbroker
      4. Political Influence (one clarification: Tiyagans do not care about your PI; unless you have the relevant skill that allows you to use it on Tiyagans, it will just bounce)
    3. Impacted BGS
      1. Merchant
        1. You will not have access to Kithiran lots. You may get access to Tiyagan lots of a similar nature, but they will expect payment in Tiyagan currency.
      2. Military Officer
        1. Any skills you have granted through this profession are unimpacted, but you will not be paid during occupation (‘cause there is no one to pay you). Expect to be caught up if and when Port Katherine is liberated.
      3. Publisher
        1. The Tiyagans do not allow a Kithiran free press. Don’t get caught :slight_smile:
      4. Focus
        1. You cannot leave the island unless someone smuggles you off. The people who can do that know how they can do that. This does not require a coordination.
        2. If you wish to write letters, the mail must be running properly.
        3. Ship mechanics are unaffected (it is assumed you can sneak out to where your ship is hidden).
        4. These rules replace the previous off-island travel rules
  2. Non-public BGS
    1. We will send you a clarification privately.- I think most of you still have your clarifications from last time (or know someone with the same skill who did get a clarification). They are still in effect.