*Now Paid* Assist the Town Council! Build the Gaol or Maintain a Public Work!

Update 3 The Gaol is all set!
Update 2 The maintenance has been covered. The Jail will need two more individuals to be built for the fall.
Update The Town Council has voted to pay 10 ducats for maintaining the public works this season, as well as anyone who works on building the jail. My apologies for the delay, several councilors were far from town between seasons and their input was required.

Good evening fellow citizens of Port Katherine,

The Town Council is requesting your assistance between festivals in two primary items. The first is the maintenance of our existing public works. We will need 8 people to spend some time between summer and fall maintaining our public works, including 2 people to give the dry docks the proper cleaning and upkeep it did not receive between spring and summer. I will update this posting as various individuals volunteer in writing below or reach out to individual councilors to claim a public work so that the public works needing a person are evident.

10 ducats will be paid for your labor

  • Sewers: Middletown book, Annaliese
  • Well: Melope Alizé
  • Fire Station: Iusepp Eos
  • Customs House: Scrap Alizé
  • Hospital Improvements: Czesława Alizé
  • Post Office: Countess Annaliese von Silberholtz
  • Bank Vault: Jules Alabaster
  • Dry Docks: Teodora Alizé
  • Dry Docks 2: Isaac Everhart

The next item is the building of the gaol. The gaol is vital to our colony’s safety, conservation of resources, and most importantly, ensuring that as moral individuals, we do not kill when we could show mercy. During the past festival, the Town Council went to great lengths to ensure we had the materials on hand to be able to build the gaol.

However, doing so will mean that the Town Council will be particularly low on wood for the next cycle of maintenance and therefore we will gladly accept any donations of wood especially, but also iron or lead towards building the gaol. Please reach out to any member of town council or respond to this posting to note an intent to donate so that a handoff can be arranged. The town council naturally accepts any and all donations at any time. Your donations are used to pay the militia, maintain public works, build public works and work towards being able to pay for maintenance focus.

The jail will require 5 individuals to volunteer their time to building the jail. Please volunteer below or reach out to a town councilor to volunteer. I will be keeping the list below updated.

10 ducats will be paid for your labor

  1. Tashif Zayats Teuthida Alizé
  2. Cleary
  3. Serelia Valene
  4. Murdina
  5. Edric Zale

Thank you for taking the time to read this posting. Any who volunteer any part of your time or resources, the Town Council thanks you. Thank you for contributing to our shared endeavor.

Sincerely yours,

Town Councilor Rukiye Maryam no Kershawi Teuthida Alizé min bayt Amira


Building the jail is an important security measure for our town, and one I believe that will help many to feel at ease. Both with the threat of revanants, and the discomfort they might feel over the possibility of having to end the life of another.

Add my name to the list of people helping to build the gaol.


Cousin, I appreciate your dedication to the colony.


I will of course use the maintenance book I checked out from the library for whichever work is most expensive. I will additionally gladly contribute my focus to the post office.

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Thank you Annaliese, your contribution is greatly appreciated. I will update the posting.

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I would be happy to maintain the Customs House this season.


I don’t see the sewers listed here - is someone on the town council maintaining them?


The sewers are being maintained by the Middletown book by Annaliese, so they are all set.


Is this list the current status of time spent for maintaining our public works this season?

Yes, that is indeed the purpose of the list.

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I was more checking if it was up to date, or if there were folks who had volunteered and the sheet hadn’t been updated.

I regret that I’m not able to help build the gaol but I will buy drinks at Souls for anyone who does, if that sweetens the pot.


Now Paid

Did you have a further statement to make or were you simply ensuring that individuals noted that?

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Yes, well worth it.

The jail is the main work I wanted to accomplish when I was elected; I can cancel my plans. Put me down to help build it and Don’t worry Lily, I’ll GIVE drinks to anyone helping maintain our public works!

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I’ve made a commitment to operating banking services for our colony. I’ll spend my time making sure the bank vault doesn’t fall into disrepair.

Thank you very much Jules! We appreciate your willingness to change your plans at this late date.

Absolutely. It is important that we not let our town fall into disrepair.

I’ll be focusing on maintaining the fire station. Starting now.