Notice: Military Promotions

The following promotions have been confirmed by the Admiralty:

Amity Harlow, to the rank of Midshipman. Ms. Harlow will henceforth be acting in my name in my absence, and members of the military should properly render her a salute.

Jules Alabaster, to the rank of Boatswain. Boatswain Alabaster will be serving as my attache to the local militia.

Tashif Alize, to the rank of Boatswain. Boatswain Alize will be serving as my Purser and will henceforth be in charge of the disposition and spending of the military budget. Town council members planning to utilize that fund, established for the building of the town, should coordinate with Boatswain Alize.

I regret to inform the citizens of Port Katherine that Petty Officer Jackrum has been reassigned to another posting in the Queendom.

Congratulations to all on their new ranks and positions.

Captain Sir Robert Stanton
Commanding Officer, Port Katherine


((OOG Question: Has an official style of salute been decided upon?))

((OOG: I’m trying so hard to avoid suggesting that it be bouncing a meat chunk and shouting “Go ‘Dillos!” But I’ve been wondering about the official salute too, so I know what to do at muster…))


(OOG the Kithiran salute is a knuckle to the brim of your hat, or where your hat should be. It mimics doffing your hat in respect to someone. More details with research)


(Is it traditionally held until told “At ease” or similar? Or is it just a short motion? The first seems like it would look sillier but be more respectful, so I’m unsure of what to do there. :slight_smile: )

(Also, what would be a polite and respectful way for non military citizens to acknowledge the military members?)

((Military salutes should be held until returned by the officer, which they should do as soon as they notice you saluting them. You should do so for all officers of higher rank than you (Midshipman and above), but you don’t have to do so every time you see them - if you’re going toward them, or if it’s been a while since you’ve seen them, etc - you get an idea after a while of how often to salute))

((civilians should be polite and respectful by using military titles in addressing military members - Boatswain Alize vs Tashif, for example))

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Three cheers! Huzzah!

(Knuckling the forehead is done by touching the middle knuckles of the first two fingers on the right hand, just near the temple)


((Nice salute, Andy!))


(Thank you so much for the demo, Andy. This looks a lot less silly than the way I imagined doing it!)

Congrats to all of our excellent military folks! Well-deserved!

…but the real question is, how does one pronounce “boatswain”?

((For military purposes, as Tashif prefers the adress of Sar over Sir or Ma’am when not using rank))

BOW - sun

“Bosun.” I am not actually lying here.

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So think “bosom” and ignore the spelling. Got it.

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Congratulations, officers.

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