Notice: Military Promotions, Spring 1719

The following promotions have been confirmed by the Admiralty:

Amity Harlow, to the rank of Acting Lieutenant. Ms. Harlow will stand for examination in the fall.

Jules Alabaster, to the rank of Midshipman. Mr. Alabaster will continue his role as liaison to the militia, and is further tasked with providing Port Katherine command with reports on militia readiness.

Tashif Alize, to the rank of Midshipman. Mx. Alize will continue to serve as the local Purser and will continue their coordination with the local Town Council.

Bethany Morris, to the rank of Midshipman. Dr. Morris is to be considered the ranking officer in Port Katherine for all medical-related issues. All members of the Port Katherine military should conduct physicals with Dr. Morris at schedules determined by her, to be no less frequent than annual.

Congratulations to all on their new ranks and positions.

Captain Sir Robert Stanton
Commanding Officer, Port Katherine