News for the Summer

Hello Port Katherine. I am again gathering news and advertisements for the local insert of the Herald. Please send me a letter with your preferably concise additions. We are joyous at the increasing popularity of the insert but in an effort to ensure all news can be printed we request you be mindful of space.

Also as election season is upon us I expect a good number of candidates to send me a platform or pitch. It is my proposal that if I will in fact be bombarded with aspiring politicians speeches that we can perhaps agree to a concise formula to allow everyone an equal opportunity to make their case. I am open to feedback or proposals about what this formula for a platform should look like since I will also be expected to follow it.

Your humble editor,
Prosperity Brannon

[to be clear email all stories to by the Sunday before game in order for your story to appear. If you are writing to Port Love you must send it by two weeks in advance of game to get a response]


Perhaps it would be easiest to limit each candidate to a certain number of words, or one to two paragraphs?

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I believe some of us had the idea to limit our platforms to 200 words.

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Yes. I believe mine technically came in at 211, but if we’re setting an official limit I will strive to pare it down.

Politicians and their precious words.

If it helps, I can get mine down to 5.


As I intend to print other pieces of news as well limiting our platforms to 150 words a piece is preferable based on what we were able to print last season. I will keep mine significantly below that out of respect for the fact that I have already written an editors note in the previous seasons paper. That should allow some flexibility for those are are more verbose.


Very well. I shall edit my submission down. Thank you for the guidelines.

Assuming the title is not included, and please feel free to edit that as you see fit, I have condensed my platform to 150 words.

Thank you very much. I believe if we all aim to be around the area of 150 words we should have plenty of space without the need for me to closely count.

For those of us submitting things other than political views, is 150 words also the range you’d like us to keep to?

I find that short and direct is the best for advertisements or spreading the news. Obviously we feature some longer form features such as Port Love and our new ongoing narrative but keeping pieces to around 150 -200 is our ideal to allow us to print the most stories possible.