New Years - When Do I Show Up?

Hey, just wanted to write a quick note to answer this question we’re getting: when do I show up?

The event will officially start at 4pm, but 4pm is when I’m going to be giving the pre-game speech and getting us in character. If you have food to set up, check-in to do, etc, you should aim to be there a bit earlier, maybe around 3:30 or so (or earlier, if you need to heat something in the kitchen).

We’ll have cards for labeling your food on site, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Also: the bar is a cash bar, so you’ll want to bring cash. There’s an ATM on site, but they charge an annoying fee (like $2.50, I think).



What’s the price range on drinks look like?

Um… I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s around $4-6 per drink, maybe? Maybe a bit more for hard liquor?


Good enough. Thank you!

Soda is $2, a gin and tonic is $7.50.


it’s also made with about 70% gin and 40% tonic, so… good value


Is this a “bring your own plates” shindig, or is that taken care of?

Someone is bringing plates as their contribution to the potluck, so you don’t need to bring them.