New cooked item requests

Greetings Port Katherine,

Having spent most of my time in the kitchens, I haven’t met nearly as many of you as I would like. I am Mildred Kellerman, and my brother Ichabod and I cook for and co-own (along with Molly Volareth) the Seasons’ Edge Tavern. As we continue to develop our skills as cooks, we will be diversifying our menu offerings. While we will follow our own artistic inclinations, we would like to solicit the town as to what sort of nourishing benefits you would like to gain through your food. As long as one can supply the correct ingredients to a cook that knows how to bring out their best flavor and characteristics, one can gain the ability to do almost anything, simply by enjoying a delicious meal! If there is a skill you do not possess but would like the capability to do so (along with 2 of your friends), please let me know, and Ichabod and I will perhaps devote some time to developing a recipe that will make it possible for you.
Help us help you with the power of the culinary arts!

Mildred Kellerman