Need Setup Help

Hey everyone,

As you might remember, last event, we put everything into summer storage. That means that, during setup this time, we’re going to have to get everything out. In addition, we need to set up all our tents for the carnival.

If it’s possible for you to get to site a bit early and help us with all that, it will be greatly appreciated, and it’ll help us start game on time.

Thank you to everyone who helps - it makes all the difference in the world.



Won’t be able to get there early like last time unfortunately, but if there is still stuff to do by the time I arrive (7-8ish?) put me to work!

If anyone wants to come in early from Western MA and could use a ride, hit me up. I’m not working Friday and I’ve got room in my car :slight_smile:

How early is ‘early’? I don’t remember when site opens.

I’ll be on site by 2 or so. Brian might be somewhat earlier, but he’ll need to answer that.