Navy Seeking Skills for benefitting this town

Hello Everyone,

In light of the growing dangers of this town, and growing skills of this community I am looking to hire on some farmers and gardeners in the future that might be able to continually reproduce goods that will help defend our town. With these, will will be better equipped to reproduce elixirs such as “quiet the battlefield” via our apothecaries.

This also calls out to our apothecaries, who might be willing to lend their time producing these important droughts.

Scholars are also welcome, if they wish to add their coordination or other skills to this.

Many Thanks,
Tashif Zayats Teuthida Alizé
Boatswain, and Purser of the Port Katherine Naval Branch

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I can garden a bit, but I am not always able to make it to the festivals, so count me as a back-up.

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Thank you. And I appreciate you letting me know, I will factor that in to how I start planning things out.

At the moment I’ve got a few charges I’m responsible for, but once I’ve had a few seasons to master my skills I should be able to easily take on more. I’ll be happy to assist following the Spring 2019 festival.

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Many thanks, and I’ll add you to my lists.

What goes into “quiet the battlefield”, just so the rest of us can keep an eye out?

A glowing mushroom, it is a rare ingredient that takes 9 points of cultivation. To my knowledge currently have one being done as such, but having more will help with those larger scale battles.

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I thought it was a flower?

According to the apothecary I was speaking with, it’s a mushroom. Could you be thinking of the monarch component that was discovered?

Well, I had heard that the rare glowing flower that was discovered could quiet a whole battlefield, but perhaps I was misinformed.

It is altogether possible. Neither of these are my areas of expertise.

An extremely rare flower was discovered. An elixir that quiets the battlefield was discovered. It is my understanding that these are two separate things, though Seren would be able to confirm more specifically than me.


The very rare giant flower does glow before you pick it, (and ceases to once plucked) but is separate from the glowing mushroom that glows after exposure to light (and is much much much subtler a glow) that is used in the “quiet” the battlefield elixir.

As far as I can tell it takes someone capable of tending 9 common plants to cultivate the glowing mushroom, and it would PROBABLY take someone capable of tending to two glowing mushrooms to cultivate the extremely rare flower we found. (maybe as many as 3, we really don’t know!)

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I have two uses of gardening I am willing to put aside, and am generally amenable to special requests on elixirs. That being said, if you are interested in purchasing draughts of quietude specifically, those go through my nephew Vaast.

I will likely be posting more related to this later, but in the event we cannot get a quiet the battlefield or do not believe we have fought enough enemies for it to be worth it I will have on my person three draughts of quietude. These are only capable of affecting a single body and in the past have been reserved for individuals representing a significant threat to the town such as Blackheart’s lieutenants.


I can farm as well. Nothing much on my plate at the moment so keep in touch in the future.