Musically Inclined Foxes

I saw the foxes that showed up the first time, but had heard there were others. I was also curious if the papers they were giving us had ever been decoded?

The ones I saw were:
Xylophone/green bowtie fox
Flute/black scarf fox
Tambourine/ ??? Fox

I heard rumor of a fox playing an ocarina, but i dont know how true that was.

It was decoded although I wasn’t involved. It said something about there are not foxes in Port Katherine as well as other information.

It turns out the Autumn Seamstress has turned some people into Foxes. This also explains why the Arcanum Fox from last festival of souls reacted the way it did to Arcanum exposure, it was not truly a fox.


I decoded both messages while I was eating in the tavern. The first slip read “There are no Foxes in Port Katherine” and the second message read “Tonight in Trees”.

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Did anyone figure it what “Tonight in trees” meant?

The one thing I saw in the woods that night was the Silence ritual, which I pray is/was unrelated to the Foxes

Yes. A group of us happened upon them playing music in the grove near Their gate on the second night of the festival. They wanted us to help them become human again…


Do we think they are cursed? Or is the theory something different?

I would hazard a guess it is more powerful than a run-of-the-mill curse. But the only way I could theorize to “prove” it as a true, fae-induced transformation would be to try and harvest chemically active components from them.

You see, I’ve recently learned a lot of about the apothecarial sciences including that of Vadim bin Sajida (one of the pillars of modern chemical thought). Sajida’s latter work involved the classification of the “arcane” property as the property contained exclusively within arcanum itself, though Sajida theorized that any mana-laiden component suitably influenced by the fae might also contain this property.

From this, I deduce that if we can make an active elixir from some part of the foxes we would be confirming fae-wrought transformation akin to the golems we see in spring that are made partially of chemically active chalk. We already know the winter foxes contain a chemically active form of ice.

As to what to do about it, If I can find an Echeveria plant this soul’s eve I plan to distill the curse property from it and was thinking of researching a way to use it to break exceptionally powerful curses, or at least several curses at once via a perfume. Maybe with this and other very powerful properties and a targeted purpose we could find a way to help these “foxes?”


Im sorry, What.

You’re gonna need to be more particular about which parts of that crazy-ass sentence you need us to spin out for you, because there’s a lot there


I don’t know, what Serendipity said was fairly straightforward.

We should harvest chemically active components from the foxes because it would test a theory that mana-laden/ fae influenced creatures could possess the arcane property.

Then we get a certain flower that is both potent in…uh…potency and holds a curse property.

Combine X + Y to make a “Potent go away curse” perfume to use on the foxes.

Where was the confusion?

She was talking about what isaac said

Exactly as I said. The Fox’s messages revealed that they were not truly Foxes, and the Seamstress was very candid that she was responsible.

The Arcanum Fox bit is more conjecture, but several people in town hold this theory to be true, as the Arcanum Fox’s transformation did not fall in line with how other creatures have reacted to Arcanum ingestion in the past.

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Ah, my apologies. Jumped the gun on that one.

Truthfully, I don’t even believe the Seamstress did this willingly or consciously. It may have been something that just took place “naturally”. The Seamstress seemed apathetic towards the issue and stated the usual “The form does not matter” and suggested that the foxes were in that form because it was the form that best served their purpose.

I’m curious about what the purpose might be, but for all we know the purpose could be to just lure us into a false sense of “we’re helping the foxes out” and we could just waltz into a trap. Could also be any other number of purposes.

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I do not think we SHOULD try to extract components from those poor foxes, ESPECIALLY if they used to be human. I just stated that the best way I currently know of to test for Fae-wrought transformation would be to see if they did contain the mana to manifest the arcane property.

I also doubt a component from the foxes themselves will be useful in the cure as I suspect that if they do yield extractable components they would simply have the properties of Arcane, Transformation, and Air.

But I do hope to research the possible use of the curse property to revert their change in the event fae transformations are like super powerful curses. Though I’m not sure if that is super likely. A decent, if expensive first test might be to try a ‘cure curse’ elixir on one first.

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My response was more of shock than confusion, I understood what you said. I am just deeply disturbed by this information.


Would it be possible to do an exploratory surgery to see if they have an arcane component without killing them?

Another alternative to this, I remember a Farmer had stopped by to provide veterinarian lessons. Perhaps if someone took that lesson they may be able to check without surgery?

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Damienne, I know, missed that lesson.

And I’m not sure if we have anyone else in Town rigorously pursuing such skills? Last I heard, our only Farmers were Damienne and Pru?