More Questions on Surgery

  1. When you finish up a surgery, the call you’re supposed to use on the patient is “Revive”. In the rulebook it states, “The Revive call will wake you up with all Vitality restored and any Maimed limbs mended.” (p 23). Despite this, I distinctly remember a NPC surgeon healing patients after surgery, and I know players tend to treat it as if they just got tended awake (namely because we often say “Awaken” instead of “Revive”). Is this all just natural human error or am I mistaken on the call/ its use?

  2. Do you need to be a surgeon to “check someone’s vitals”, ie tell if they are unconscious or critical’ed or poisoned?

  3. Is there a good in-game call for checking someone’s status as a surgeon or should we just say, “I check your vitals” and specify we’re surgeons if asked?

I can answer #2 and #3 from the rule book, page 22 under the section of “Basic Actions:”

The following actions only work with helpless or willing victims. Don’t touch anyone without permission, and avoid taboo or sexual interaction.

Examination: Narrate and act out examination of wounds, checking for a pulse, etc. This will reveal if the target is maimed, poisoned (irregular pulse), critical (very weak pulse), or dead (no pulse), but not how much damage they have taken. They can fake unconsciousness.

As far as for telling people how hurt I am in “points” I often just tell them I could use X number of healing vials.

Thanks for the Basic Actions link up.
For #3, I moreover mean diseases or parasites or whatever weirdness comes our way, medical-wise when it’s only a surgeon would know how to treat X. For healing, I’m fine with going by points because other methods have, in my experience, only led to more confusion.

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