Missing Spring

Hey everyone, some bad news.

I started feeling poorly last night, and took my temperature this morning, and it’s 99.7. This means I may be missing my first larp in, well, I don’t remember ever missing a larp before.

The good news is: we have an amazing staff who will handle this without a hitch. I could not have more confidence that your game will only be minimally effected.

The bad news is: if you have plot that I directly run or NPCs I interact with… well, I can’t do that. I will do my best to make this up to you in the Summer event. There may be some other hiccups. I’m working with staff on risk mitigation stuff right now, but please be understanding. We don’t have good plans for “the Game Director misses an event.”

Please tell me all the stories and wonders when you get back. My heart is aching, I miss you all, and I’m going to be so hungry for your love of PK when you get back.


Be safe, stay healthy, I love you all.



Feel better soon!

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We got this, you just focus on getting better <3


That sucks. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery.

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That sucks. You will be missed. Hope you feel better soon and wish you a speedy recovery.

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We’ll miss you. You focus on feeling better and we’ll make sure to bring the stories back for you.

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Feel better soon! You will be missed, but we will look forward to seeing you in Summer! :heart: