Message from the Port Katherine Orphan Initiative

We are pleased to announce the items up for auction at this year’s New Years festival. Remember that many of these items are unique treasures, never to be seen again.

A reminder that, if you win any item in the silent auction, you will be ineligible to bid in the live auction. Plan your strategies accordingly.

First, the items for the silent auction:

  • Two Apothecary Potions (starting bid: 10d)
    Two elixirs donated by a local Apothecary on behalf of the orphans of Port Katherine. One is said to provide temporary protection to the inbiber, while the other provides an effect lasting a few days that makes the inbiber quicker on their feet and able to avoid damage.

  • "Untouchable Socks" (starting bid: 10d)
    The very socks worn by Shriyash Chowdhury when they set the record for longest time in the pit as the last team member standing (12 minutes) during the 1711 Jackelopes v. Dogfleas Zlota finals.

  • Puzzle Box (starting bid: 5d)
    I put some money in this box but I can't figure out how to open it again. If you buy it, whatever's inside is yours. - Seline

  • Opera Fan (starting bid: 10d)
    Countess Tahirah bin Fatima lit the social world of Eleutheria on fire in 1717 when she brought this fan to a performance of "Madame Gustav" at the Grand Opera. For two seasons, anyone who was anyone carried a fan styled to match this design. Fashions move on, and now the Countess would like to make this famous fan available to someone whose generosity matches her own. The winner is encouraged to write to the Countess, who would like to hear about the far-away island of Port Katherine.

  • Spirit of Autumn (starting bid: 10d)
    The Zlotan Aetheric Society is pleased to present one of the renowned Spirits of Autumn. In 1715, two antlers appeared on the art scene, taken from the islands to the north by explorers unknown. Immediately, speculation rose that poachers, pirates, smugglers, or all three had been involved in their acquisition, but the value of these antlers was clear to all who held them. Slowly but surely, parts of them were shaved off for use in medicinal elixirs, apothecary wares, or sexual stimulants. However, before the last of the antlers were lost, Emma Redgrove, the renowned jeweler, purchased the last few shards of antler that remained. From these, she created four identical brooches, dipping the shards into silver and forming them into symbolic antlers. They are said to bring good luck to their owners, and we are pleased to send one back north to where they first were discovered.

  • Collection of Vials (starting bid: 1d)
    A collection of five vials, from the personal collection of Georgette Williams.

  • Painting of Berand van Visser (starting bid: 5d)
    This inspiring portrait of Berand van Visser captures the great and wealthy man at the peak of his abilities and power, on the day he first established the Kithiran Merchant's Association. Only 20 of these paintings were created and were quickly purchased by banks and merchant organizations throughout Kithira. Many hang in Boardrooms and remind financial officers of the great history that they inherit. The recent bankruptcy of Park, Cooper, and Hawt - an old but small brokerage house - enables this item to be auctioned to charity. A one of a kind piece depicting a one of a kind man.

  • Shrine Figurine (starting bid: 5d)
    This ceramic sailor once belonged to a greater set of figures that were part of a shrine to the Saints of the Sea. Specifically, this figure was to represent the Midnight Mariner. In a completed set, the shrine would serve as the focal point of a faithful's house, and they would bring offerings to the Saints embodied by the figurines. Though the other figurines have been lost, the Chepstone Historical Society is pleased to present this single figure, separated from the rest, to charity.

  • Vase (starting bid: 10d)
    This vase was donated to the Port Katherine Orphan Initiative anonymously and without description, save for the following note it arrived with: "We look forward to watching your new settlement grow, and we hope that this and other gifts will help fund additional food for your young, plump orphans."

  • Egg (starting bid: 5d)
    During a recent expedition to the northern islands, the Northern Islands Botanical and Zoological Association discovered two exceptional eggs. Both were brought back for study, but one was subsequently eaten by the curator's dog. After recording the… effects… the egg had on the canine, the other egg is now being donated to the benefit of the Port Katherine orphans. The NBZA would prefer that the egg remain in Port Katherine and far away.

And the live auction:

  • The Twin Terrapins (starting bid: 10d)
    The Sakayama Center for the Material Arts is pleased to present The Twin Terrapins, the result of a fascinating artistic experiment conducted by Ms. Ashley Bellencourt. Ms. Bellencourt was intrigued by the properties of arcanum and carved these two sculptures out of a single large crystal that had recently been mined. Though Ms. Bellencourt did not survive to witness the display of her art, the curator wishes to inform the lucky bidder than a protective coating has been applied to this work, and it should be entirely safe for use outside the four main islands of Kithira.

  • Assassin’s Trinket (starting bid: 15d)
    This bracelet is the famed “Quick Death” of assassin Xi Lepang, who was hired in 1674 to assassinate 10 members of Parliament. Xi famously hid this bracelet under her clothing, then would reach beneath and fling one of the charms at her target. The reasons for the assassinations were never uncovered, but Xi was captured and arrested having only completed five of the murders. After her execution, wild rumors swirled that her spirit “haunted” the bracelet, determined to complete the work. Nevertheless, for decades, this bracelet has remained in the custody of the Eleutherian Town Watch as evidence. A decision recently to close the trial has allowed for its release.

  • Fairy Cutlery (starting bid: 15d)
    The famed "fairy cutlery" unveiled by Letitia Barone during her innuagural art exhibition in 1615. Long regarded for their intricate decoration, this work also gained notoriety for Ms. Barone's assertion that she had originally created this work for the "little people" who had visited her. When they stopped visiting, she claimed, she decided to make them available to the world. Whatever the historical reality, this piece has delighted both children and adults for ages, despite the loss of the knives from the set during a break-in in 1704. The Zlotan Museum of Art is happy to donate this item to aid the poor orphaned children of Drevnia, and hopes they bring a child's delight to Port Katherine.

  • Parliament Statue (starting bid: 15d)
    This statue previously stood on the grounds of the House of the People, before last year's bombing destroyed the surrounding area. Miraculously, the statue survived the explosion. As the new models for the reconstruction project have no place for the statue, this highly prestigious item is offered now to charity.

  • Tiyagan Sextent (starting bid: 10d)
    This sextent, originally believed to have been taken from a Tiyagan frigate during the recent war, is now understood to have been a much older model, developed for use during the Onzekkan Succession Crisis of 1650. Recent research pinpoints it as the primary navigational tool of Tiyagan Captain Merryweather Ulbrecht, who spent the war fighting Kithiran privateers.

  • Meditation Crystal (starting bid: 10d)
    This crystal was mined in the depths of the Fire District in Drevnia in 1547. Noted instantly for its ability to glow, it was passed from collector to collector until - in 1670 - it passed into the hands of Countess Emile Travaga, who realized its true potential. A talented psychopomp, Countess Travaga would use this crystal to focus spiritual meditation, often allowing clients to feel the touch of a dead loved one more time. Rumors persist that Countess Travaga also used this crystal for far more nefarious purposes. Nevertheless, at his death, the crystal was donated to Umfundisi University, where it remained in a collection of Drevnian minerals until a renovation of the exhibit made it available for charity.

  • Crown of Onzekk Nobility (starting bid: 5d)
    This crown was lost during the Onzekkan Succession Crisis and is presumed to be of Onzekkan origin. The crown came into the ownership of several young Petty Officers of the Kithiran Navy, and then - through a sequence of ownership - to the Eleutherian Historical Society. Presumably, this crown belongs to a noble family of Onzekk, though the Eleutherian Historical Society is uncertain which one. Now, rather than being a source of confusion for the Society, it may be a source of sustenance to the poorest of Port Katherine.

  • Ancient Pendant (starting bid: 5d)
    An ancient necklace discovered in a ruin site by famed archaeologist Dr. Mbala. Previously sold to the late Mx. Almada in 1687. Upon Almada's death in 1689, the pendant was purchased by Cristian Evangelii. Evangelii sold the necklace in 1694 following the collapse of his primary investments (arcanum mines). The necklace was then purchased by Mme. Caron Lureen. It was found ten years later in 1704 following the house fire in which Caron Lureen and her family perished. The few antiques that survived the Caron Lureen fire were donated to the Chepstone Historical Society in 1705. The items were displayed in a collection at the Society's Museum of Antiqueries and Curiosities until 1718, when the museum building was condemned due to irreparable structural damage. The Chepstone Historical Society has placed items from the collection up for auction to recover financial losses.

  • Exotic Bird (starting bid: 15d)
    An exotic bird found on an island nearby to Port Katherine by the Northern Islands Botanical and Zoological Association during a recent survey mission, this bird was brought back to Kithira for study, but has since proven to be a bit unruly. The NBZA is happy to donate this exotic specimen to its new lucky owner.

  • Bosun’s Pipe (starting bid: 15d)
    This bosun’s pipe was the very pipe used aboard the HMS Perseverance during the battle of West Harbor in the recent Tiyagan war. According to reports of the battle, after the death of the Perseverance’s Captain, it was with this pipe that Lieutenant Robert Stanton rallied the crew into a boarding action charge that turned the tide of the battle. The Kithiran Naval Society feels it is only fitting that this pipe be restored to Captain Stanton’s new command in Port Katherine, to aid that young settlement with its youngest and most promising youth.

Jan Wyrzykowski, Auctioneer, on behalf of the Port Katherine Orphan Initiative

Out-of-game Note: You will be aware of the stats on these items before you bid, but not until the event itself.




I want the bird. I don’t know what it does but I want it. Biiiiiiird.


And here I was, about to just buy a brooch without a weird story behind it, from a store, like some kind of idiot