Message from the Drevnian Rebuilding Association

We are pleased to announce the items up for auction at this year’s New Years festival. Remember that many of these items are unique treasures, never to be seen again.

A reminder that, if you win any item in the silent auction, you will be ineligible to bid in the live auction. Plan your strategies accordingly.

First, the items for the silent auction:

  • Ornate Serving Knife (starting bid: 10d)
    A formal Ishikawan serving knife, of a style historically used in a ritualized food preparation ceremony, this ornate serving knife today is merely a relic of a bygone era. It was said that, by using this knife, Ishikawans once dismissed evil from their presence. Now, it is merely decorative.

  • "Blade of Glorious Victory" (starting bid: 10d)
    This blade was forged out of exploded cannonballs gathered in the aftermath of the Kithira-Tiyago War of 1678. Several of these blades were forged, and they are highly prized symbols of authority for Naval officers and aristocrats alike.

  • Mysterious Flesh (starting bid: 5d)
    We have no idea where this came from and are pretty sure it’s human flesh. Please buy it and take it away! Away away!

  • Onzekkan Embroidered Pillowcase (starting bid: 5d)
    A decorative pillowcase constructed of Onzekkan Weave cloth and embroidered with Onzekkan-style blackwork. Fairly common in Onzekk, a pillowcase like this is a rare collector’s item in Kithira, especially given the fine detail of the embroidery. Prince Lavanya offers thanks to the winning bidder for their appreciation of Onzekkan culture, and will additionally offer them the right to purchase a single item imported from Onzekk this spring.

  • Sailor’s Lucky Pendant (starting bid: 5d)
    This talisman, one of many produced in Tojima, is rumored to protect the wearer from the influence of the aether, and is commonly worn by sailors for this reason.

  • Riflemaker’s Plans (starting bid: 100d)
    A collection of all advanced schematics necessary to construct a new model Ivanova .65-20 Infantry Rifle, provided by the Kithiran Admiralty so that all corners of the Queendom can supply local officers and militias with the latest technological defense methods.

  • Spider’s Gift (starting bid: 15d)
    Count Blake Broward was often called “the Spider of Parliament,” for both the way in which he was able to deftly manipulate the strings of power, but also because of the striking pendant he was commonly seen to wear. Caught recently in a dramatic scandal, he was found soon thereafter in his chambers, covered in a sticky goo, dead from poisoning. The sticky substance contained no obvious poison, and though local apothecaries were questioned by authorities, the source of the poison was never found. Sadly, Count Broward’s death left his family with few means to support themselves, which is why they have made this item available for auction.

  • General Locklan’s Cane (starting bid: 20d)
    General Rhett Emile Locklan I, one of the backbones of Kithira’s last war with Tiyago, was known as the Great Quartermaster, for his ability to feed and supply the great Navy of Kithira. Not only a great tactician on the aether but a genius at logistics, he was highly decorated on several occasions by Queen Anne IV and Queen Katherine II for his contributions toward the successful war effort. The cane, originally intended for his grandson when he graduated from the academy, was lost overboard during the 1715 Tiyago War and only recently recovered. This item is offered by E. Davis of the Explorer’s Society.

  • Pointed Tricorn (starting bid: 10d)
    This strange, pointed tricorn has its roots in a fashion movement amongst thaumaturges that took hold in 1705 and flourished for the next five years. A combination of a tactician’s tricorn and a thaumaturge’s pointed hat, it combines styles in a way that was only recently seen as avant-garde, but which now seems a bit dated.

  • Shattered Window Chain (starting bid: 10d)
    This item was thrown through a window at the auction house several weeks ago, shattering the window and concussing a clerk. It appears to be quite useful, so it is being sold to benefit those in need. Maybe you can find out who’s attacking our clerks?

And the live auction:

  • Tempered Blade (starting bid: 15d)
    This strange blade was discovered in a Fire District storage room recently unearthed from rubble caused by the bombing. It seems to have been made of a special alloy, and it seems to have responded to the incredible heat of the blast by taking on an exceptionally sharp edge that keeps, even after repeated usage. The Drevnian Rebuilding Association offers this item in the hopes that this weapon of war can go where it is most needed, while your generous donation can go where it also is most needed.

  • Bone Knife of Dimitri Utsenov (starting bid: 20d)
    One of the prize historical oddities of the Anton Gustav collection, we present the resonant blade of Inquisitor Dimitri Utsenov, famed ghosthunter and spiritualist known for their zeal and disregard for social niceties. It is rumored that Mr. Utsenov controversially demanded that no sanctification take place over his remains, leading to constant speculation that he continues to inhabit this blade, granting it strange violent powers against the unsanctified - and even darker powers against its wielder.

  • Early Microscope (starting bid: 15d)
    Rumored to be the exact microscope used by Alexandra Natalovna, one of the founders of modern chemistry, during her historic discovery of apothecarial properties, this microscope, dating from the late 16th century, continues to exhibit a remarkable precision. It is being offered for auction by Professor Maria Gonzalez of Umfundisi University, with the hopes that this historic treasure will not only be saved from potential looting, but that it might journey to the frontier, where it might breathe new life into the chemical arts.

  • Orb of Channeling (starting bid: 20d)
    “This worthless trinket appears to have no applications whatsoever upon the dead, only on the useless and alive. Maybe someone else can find a purpose for it, I found it entirely unsatisfying, and entirely inconsistent with its pleasantly spooky exterior.” - Gideon Blythe, Master of Life and Death

  • Brass Candle Snuffer (starting bid: 15d)
    One of a set of eight candle snuffers created for a landmark sleep study performed in 1673 by the Royal Society of Somnologists, who decisively proved that sleeping is better, physically and mentally, than not sleeping. This item is donated now in order to free up storage space for the eight tubas required by the Society’s newest research, into the efficacy of sleeping in very loud places versus sleeping in quiet spaces.

  • Metallic Arm Bracer, Experiment 4097-b (starting bid: 15d)
    “Metallic arm bracer thing. Appears to let me absorb one two three no actually 2 fireballs. Van Daalen insisted we check. On me. Lets you use the fireballs again later to set fire to the lab.” - Natalie
    “Disappointing potential as a weapon, given the limitations of the human body”- Hibiki Van Daalen"

  • The Final Battle, by Eleanor Cho (starting bid: 20d)
    Painted in an ecstatic haze by famed painter of the 14th century Eleanor Cho, this has been a prized possession of the Royal Historical Society since it was donated from private collections in 1685. For years, it has been remarked upon for its abilities to inspire and protect, and it hung on the wall of the Temple of St. Bjorn for much of its early life. Offered now to help ease the burdens of those suffering in Drevnia.

  • Box of Solitude (starting bid: 25d)
    This item was dropped off in this auction’s collection room with no description, no tag, no obvious donor.

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride (starting bid: 30d)
    The winner of this auction item will receive one (1) flight for themselves and up to five of their friends on Professor Henrietta Oglethorpe’s prototype Fantastical Felicitous Flying Fabrication! Soar above the clouds on this specially-designed machine POWERED BY HEAT AND AIR. Rise above the aether for the first time and see your friends sized as though ants! Explore the skies with birds and other flying creatures! Professor Oglethorpe will bring her magnificent balloon to the Festival of the Flame, to provide your bid’s adventure at that time.

  • Electroavian Transportanimator (starting bid: 20d)
    A strange and bizarre part of the Umfundisi collection, these bottles were discovered in 1629 in the laboratory of Dr. Emiliana Bianchi, a noted early researcher into techniques of reanimation. Dr. Bianchi’s work had shocked and marvelled the academic world for years, until she seemed to drop away entirely and isolate herself, working on one last project. When her body was discovered along with these bottles, the notes indicated only that she believed she had found a way to transfer both the spirit and the physical form of a bird between them, using an electrical impulse. A series of four research assistants at Umfundisi attempted to replicate the experiments but were found dead soon thereafter, and the Electroavian Transportanimator became merely one more oddity in the collection. It is being donated now as Umfundisi clears out their storage for rebuilding.

Jan Wyrzykowski, Auctioneer, on behalf of the Drevnian Rebuilding Association

Out-of-game Note: You will be aware of the stats on these items before you bid, but not until the event itself.