Mercenary Guild Events, Rememberance '19

(Notice pinned to the board)

Town Defense Contract Execution (“Militia Muster”) will be held by the Pitball ring at roughly half-past the 10th bell on the morning of the second.

At this time we are limited to 12 paid members, captain included, first come, first serve.

However, we are in need of patriotic volunteers interested in defending the Queen in an unofficial capacity this particular Festival. Please attend muster or inquire with Lily Ferris if you are interested.

Guild Picnic
Given the success of the fighters’ picnic during Fire Festival, the newly-minted Mercenaries Guild will be holding a picnic on the lawn near the Socialite Tea (roughly 2-3 bells on the 2nd). All are welcome to come and learn more about how our newest guild can benefit them.

Food contributions are welcome. Honey cakes are discouraged after The Incident last time.


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Its winter, Im sure there wont be any bees this time!

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