Masks for the Carnival!

Hello all!

The wonderful Jesse A-J (whose work you may recognize from a certain fire pauldron on display last event) has agreed to bring some of his masks to the carnival. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect look to go with your outfit, or if you wear glasses and have issues finding masks that work with them, or if you just want to take a look at some great craftsmanship, check out his etsy shop here. The link automatically applies a discount code for free shipping, and Jesse will be bringing any masks ordered to the event for people to pick up during the carnival. The Raven Skull, Flame Filigree, Broken Vampire, and Fallen Leaves masks are new designs posted just for the carnival, so check them out!

Many of these masks will also be available at the carnival for rent using in-game money, if you’d prefer - you can try them on and arrange a rental at the mask booth during the carnival, and then the mask is yours to wear whenever you wish for the rest of the event. We will be collecting those masks at check-out.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Will some of the masks be potentially available for purchase at the event? I’m really tempted by one, but want to know how it fits on my face before committing.

Jesse says he will take cash for the masks at the event, though keep in mind it’s first-come-first-served with whatever he happens to have with him.

We hope to minimize the amount people have to handle real-world money during the event (both because immersion and because it’s more logistically inconvenient), which is why that option wasn’t initially listed, but as long as you’re reasonably subtle about it (like, don’t make it rain cash dollars) it’s totally ok.

Oh man, I forgot how many of those I modeled for. Y’all should definitely at least go look at the Etsy page because Jesse’s stuff is amazing!

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