Market Research


I hope all of you are fairing well after the festivities. I was hoping to get some knowledge and opinions on what prices services were recently offered at and what is considered a fair price. The prices I remember hearing most recently were :

  • Tending : 1-2 pence
  • Surgery : 3-5 ducats (this one have heard largest range for and definitely know of times where far more or less was paid)
  • Loading a bullet : The necessary arcana and 2-4 ducats
  • Purifying poison : 3-4 ducats
  • Sanctify Dead : The necessary arcana

I admit that since these are based on prices heard when discussing with others, these could be entirely incorrect. I want to know what others experienced and what they think is fair. I also know there are services available that I don’t ever recall hearing a price discussed or decided on for. For example I did not hear of what prices any weapon augmentations were going for and would be particularly interested in hearing what prices people considered were fair for spiritual weapon (I would currently be planning to price it similarly to loading a gun). Thank you for your time.

Dame Nathrach Rían Quigley


One thing to keep in mind is that these prices are going to vary per header. I don’t know who other than apothecaries can purify, but given the general idea that Brian was proposing, apothecaries would probably charge around 1 to 2 ducats, but it might be a more difficult proposition for other headers.

Apothecaries can then get a little interesting where we’d have some purify vials really cheap, but others would cost us more to produce depending on how we were making them since we have options.

This is going to create some fluxuation in market values.

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As stated, these are prices I encountered or heard of and am very much interested in seeing further discussion. I thought it would be easy to start with what I remembered rather than start just with a request for pricing. I also imagine there will be variance across individuals within a header and outside of it. Part of the reason most I listed are ranges is that because I heard a few different prices. I think one thing that did happen was that we started with no frame of reference for what pricing should be and I’m hoping through discussion and people chiming in can get a better idea of that.

I fully expect that there might be cases where someone who can’t normally purify but might be able to once in a blue moon would be likely charging more than the apothecaries that regularly can do so. But knowing the average cost can inform both buyer and seller a great deal. I mean if it usually costs 2 ducats for a purify, trying to sell it for 20 is horribly wrong regardless of how needed it is or how more difficult it was to acquire that purify than normal.

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I have two pricing systems for my research and experimentation abilities. Either you can pay me up front, a ducat for an hour of my time, and you get whatever I get, or I can do the initial research for free, and a charge can be determined depending on the value of the results (which I will not give you until paid). In the second case, it might be higher than the number of hours spent, or it might be lower. It might even be free if I turn up nothing of use. There is an additional as-yet-undetermined charge if you wish the information to be kept secret and not re-sellable (always resold using the second pricing scheme).

Additionally, I will usually accept similar services in trade, if I happen to have a need. Collaboration is good for science.

I am also an excellent research assistant, in which case my usual fee is a share of the result.

-Countess Annaliese Leopolda Liane Johanna Verenberg-Hossler von Silberholz

I mean if it usually costs 2 ducats for a purify, trying to sell it for 20 is horribly wrong regardless of how needed it is or how more difficult it was to acquire that purify than normal.

I disagree. If you for some crazy reason got a purify that costs 20 ducats worth of effort, you should either use it on yourself, or someone who is desperate enough to want that 20d purify. On the other hand, with a poisoned person they can’t really object to the cost. I would accept another purify in trade at that point.

If anything, the pricing would normalize for both forms of the Purify and turn profit for the manufacture of the cheaper good.