Map of Town

I got sick of gettin’ lost wandering around some of the trails near town, so I paid someone to draw a map of the settlement; it looks a bit…off, but it should at least cover the basics. Holler if you spot anything wrong with it. Hopefully we can find someone with a bit more artistic flair to make a nicer version.

[Sometimes the docks are the bridge, and that makes the most sense, so i drew them there. Sometimes the archery range is also the docks. Don’t think about it too hard. Definitely not to scale, but everything should connect up roughly right, let me know if it doesn’t.]


I like it, Silas. I like that it makes the “shortcut” from the firing range to the library look like a great idea. I think we should endeavor to tell as many Tiyagans as possible that it’s the easy route up there.